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  1. slowdown

    USF player in Jail

    Can I stop you when you get off the hundred feet of road that your taxes paid for and onto my hundred feet? Property rights are their own thing
  2. I realize you're just quoting a tweet but while Bill Snyder did an awesome job at K State, the last 6 years have been pretty mediocre and he only won the conference twice in 400 years there. Even if they were the worst program ever before him, fans are fickle these days.
  3. There are no "biggest game(s)" in terms of preparing a team. You prepare for them all or you're irrelevant. This is still my biggest concern for the program under CCS. We've come out and looked like we wanted to kick ass for one game in two years (IMO, Temple 2017 - somewhat UCF 2017 too).
  4. slowdown

    Bye bye Sterlin!

    but wait!! Phillip Montgomery had only been OC under Art Briles, so clearly none of his OC experience and success should count either.
  5. slowdown

    Sooo next season...

    Maybe its being pedantic but we had a safety and a de at the position, I don't think we just need NEW LB's we need actual LB's.
  6. I doubt it, and if he goes to Louisville I see Purdue keeping the same style in place, therefore would be two staff's interested in him.
  7. slowdown

    Players transferring out...

    Division 1 football coaches should not need to waste time teaching someone, much less an upper classmen, how to catch a football. This is a huge waste of time for something a dedicated player could fix by watching a three minute YouTube video and working in the offseason with the QB's.
  8. Because head coach and offensive coordinator are not the same thing, see 1 million examples.
  9. I don't see Kingsbury as an SEC or NFL OC either in style or resume. Would be more likely to end up back in the Big12 or PAC12 or a wide open Big 10 or ACC school like Purdue or Louisville.
  10. You rant against rehashes and say we should have hired Cristobal?
  11. Obstinate. Do these guys feel they are showing resolve by refusing to change course after losing your straight to meh teams
  12. slowdown

    Skip Holtz 2.0

    We will keep recruiting better whereas Holtz recruiting was terrible. Otherwise I think unfortunately may be similar
  13. The whole McGee thing is just a symptom of a team that was already lost. Really just damage control.
  14. If this team had mental toughness they wouldn't have come out and played like this after a loss. They wouldn't have let themselves come out the eight weeks in a row prior to Houston and start off every game like dog ****. That happens to most teams once or twice a year. It's business as usual for this bunch. I see a team who is just looking for a merciful death.
  15. Just wait. The way this team is falling apart we are on schedule for another FCS beatdown in 2021. Program is dismantling in front of our eyes