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  1. Looked like a non late hit, targeting in real time imo. Looked all clean on replay
  2. Gotta consider this. We have been thinking we are a good team who plays bad and turns it on and does just enough. I'm now thinking maybe we are a really crappy team with a lot of grit.
  3. slowdown

    What if.....

    Coach Strong is a professional. That is all I read into him being "all in".
  4. slowdown


    Our running game is designed to make our backs like awful 84% of the time. Ford has had some huge runs for us the last couple weeks. It's probably not his ideal use but 18 carries for 136 and 2 TDs the last couple games is nothing to scoff at.
  5. We hired one of the best hs coaches in the state, Kinnan, to help build the gulf coast offense
  6. We need a running threat from the rb position too
  7. Transitioning from underachieving team to bad team before our eyes
  8. Can't snap, can't block, can't catch, and receiver fumble. Maybe we should just hand off up the middle
  9. I can see us struggling with Tulsa too.
  10. Georgia still plays LSU and Auburn this regular season in addition to UF and a Kentucky that has a pulse. Tough five week stretch. I'd be surprised if they didn't drop a game
  11. slowdown

    Hampton Island Appreciation Thread

    I would guess Brown was targeted about 15 times. Thought at least one of his receptions was when Hampton was not on him. Did show a great DB skill of short memory after the no tackle play. Also notable that Hampton performed all night even though time of possession was pitiful and defense was out there way way too much. In addition to Hamptons no tackle, Roberts had a play where he thought he was going to break up or intercept the ball and didn't finish. Takeaway for me is we got good talent, they need some more reps to be great though.
  12. slowdown

    Offensive Playcalling

    This is true but the question is when we are totally getting punked up front where is the line between being committed to the run and being stupid, and which side of that line are we usually on.
  13. That rule says you can not snap it with less than three seconds... and is from 2013, so you know....
  14. We have to be an offense who doesn't turn the ball over, to be at the level we want. Maybe if we were playing a great team there I would feel different. If we can't play our game against Illinois we should go ahead and start looking at 2019.