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  1. I'd love to see some actual statistics across all schools. My suspicion is that most think their injury numbers are worse than average, and it's much more visible when you're losing/underperforming.
  2. C. It was a joke of an investigation and the report was also a joke, they did not even properly protect the names they blacked out. Regardless of what actually happened it was carried out in an amateur manner. It was a sham, manipulated for the benefit of that administration and a few key influencers. He can't apologize nor can the current admin let him call the university liars, just have to ignore it and move on
  3. Strong and Holtz proved they could win conference championships prior to coming here. Then took over programs on the cusp and floundered. Leavitt and Taggart accomplished much more in different situations. Leavitt had about two years to compete in a conference WITH a roster full of talent recruited into that conference, the second being with a freshman QB, having losses to 3 top 20 teams. Was still a disappointing but context matters. I think their are only 2 or 3 seasons to fairly judge Leavitt on. He has an incredible resume overall with his NFL and DC work since
  4. You're in the right place. Say whatever you want as though it is an unquestionable truth
  5. Boise was a meltdown. Not sure why that would make anyone sympathetic to the coaching job done there. They also had 2 wins over bad teams by 1 score. If you want to count close games, you should consider them both ways. Wake, I guess was ranked at the time. About as meaningful as us being ranked last season.
  6. I am like 99% sure that find them would be his highest priority
  7. He is slick Willie he will come up with something kind of corny and move on "at the end of your dream you wake up" "Dont dream about something, do something" Etc
  8. I get where you are coming from and I kind of agree. Counterpoint is Frost, Heupel, and Fickell came from great programs. I think we need the little guy attitude - high energy and someone who can play the underdog. Don't think it has to come from a lesser program but it is something Kelly has to feel out.
  9. I agree Taggart is more likely to stay longer compared to others, IMO Still isn't high on my personal list
  10. As has Memphis and Cinci. Was also Houston's move when they were the class of conference. Was also the case the year that Temple won conference. I think George OLeary is the only head coach who has won the conference who was a head coach before. I guess Tuberville technically got a split too
  11. My guess was they couldn't really tell someone they can't apply.
  12. Joe Brady and Jeff Scott interest me. Haven't looked too much into them yet. I think the best formula in this conference has been hiring great coordinators from good programs. Although I'd be looking at some of the overachieving programs, these two guys have everything at their disposal and that won't be the case here. Want to get someone with a little chip on their shoulder. Shaun King would be solid and I'd be okay with that depending on what and who is actually available to us. Would love Leavitt.
  13. I just don't see anyone staying long term if they are winning at the highest level. It would not even be in my top 20 factors. The only exception was the guy whose baby this was. No one else will have that connection.
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