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  1. slowdown

    New Kickoff Rule

    I seem to recall that punts are generally safer than kickoffs and some discussion on using them in place of kickoffs. That would allow great returners to remain a factor. The new league Spurrier is coaching in is doing no kickoffs and the onside kick is being replaced by a fourth and long opportunity. There are no perfect solutions but I'm open to it if it improves player safety.
  2. Yup. Sucks but they've won multiple big bowl games, conference championships, have multiple undefeated seasons, etc.
  3. slowdown

    Craig Watts is back

    what is the adversity in this situation? not being given a starting spot?
  4. slowdown

    What Charlie Strong Did Before the Game...

    My biggest concern with this team other than special teams was how flat they come out every week. Glad to hear CCS at least sees it and isn't happy.
  5. slowdown

    Proud of this Class

    Except that time we got curbstomped by FSU
  6. while it is the same situation, i think there are 11 more bowl games now than 2003. being as they just straight up let 5-7 teams play in bowl games now, does it really matter that team didn't have xx number of scholarships...
  7. slowdown

    Q is Going Rogue

    *Record-setting veteran QB
  8. slowdown

    Texas Tech AD

    Any concern with the CFP is wasted energy until the format changes or we manage to get 2 top 15 opponent OOC games scheduled in the same season.
  9. slowdown

    Adidas is official

    Maryland....I think they are THE UA school
  10. slowdown

    Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    I can't see it going that far south because Strongs recruiting won't drop off that far. He might miss and leave us short at a position but not at every position...and hopefully not at the QB position. I just don't see us needing a massive rebuild when Charlie leaves, however else things work out.
  11. slowdown

    Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    The implications was not race based it was that you have to interview multiple candidates. Your dramatic rant was not needed
  12. slowdown

    Frost to Nebraska

    All coaches are focusing a lot on recruiting this time of year. All coaches are in and out, and all coaches are limited in how much in person recruiting they can do. It's not like he can just be jetting around nonstop. Also, if you do not utilize Frost as a coach you are either down a coach or bumping up a GA. Is Frost more valuable as an assistant than those options? It's really about the personalities involved, and who and when they hire another coach, as to if it is the best option. It's difficult for sure
  13. slowdown

    ESPN Drones: G5 Should Create G5 Playoff

    its a big club and we ain't in it.
  14. Yeah but we threw it to DJ and the TE and ran jet sweeps so all is well right
  15. Our defense last year was great at getting the ball back. Unfortunately it was via kickoff