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  1. same story as the last 15 years. we need a dual threat capable qb, with a willing playcaller.
  2. I'm not against a "retread" as a rule but CWT is not a championship caliber coach IMO. Never won a championship or even a bowl game. Yes he improved our team greatly, but X's and O's he is not a top coach, NFL players and HS coaching. So he comes back and as a coach who is primarily a recruiter and motivator, just older and having been knocked out a few times - not even at the top of that game. Its a very similar story to Strong. Mostly mediocrity surrounded by a couple years with a great QB. Maybe he is more likely to recruit that next great QB but its a little harder sell the second time around.
  3. reflection of the coach. every time he loses he digs in to his losing ways more.
  4. Might at least get inspired trash. Charlie has never given much indication that this bothers him.
  5. O line play can be transformed by a dual threat QB, IF the coaches play to it. Some of these same OL were okay two years ago yet looked awful last year and first two weeks this year.
  6. I don't blame him if he didn't want to dedicate another year of his life to lace them up for Alabama State. Kid is done with football and now not going to waste the next three years realizing football is done with him. I hope he is in the right place to finish a degree up. Some consistency issues, seemingly some other things, but I don't see that he deserves comparison to Gunsby.
  7. Immensely. Changes things on several levels IF they are a DUAL threat.
  8. The last couple sentences really say everything for me. Can he develop an OL and QB? Will he make the adjustments for the shortcomings of OL and QB when the time comes (thatbtime always comes here)
  9. JU is an FCS school with the financial approach of a D3 school. Definitely a unique situation and not the type of commitment a serious coach wants to deal with. More lateral of a move than downgrade, IMO.
  10. I agree totally, BUT you could blame a fair amount of the execution problems in this game on the fact that we practiced and ran so little of that stuff theoubut the preseason and regular season. I think the game was called decently. I don't advocate for overly creative play calling. You should learn to run an offense well and be smart enough to play off your tendencies, adjust, and have an occasional wildcard.
  11. Can I stop you when you get off the hundred feet of road that your taxes paid for and onto my hundred feet? Property rights are their own thing
  12. I realize you're just quoting a tweet but while Bill Snyder did an awesome job at K State, the last 6 years have been pretty mediocre and he only won the conference twice in 400 years there. Even if they were the worst program ever before him, fans are fickle these days.
  13. There are no "biggest game(s)" in terms of preparing a team. You prepare for them all or you're irrelevant. This is still my biggest concern for the program under CCS. We've come out and looked like we wanted to kick ass for one game in two years (IMO, Temple 2017 - somewhat UCF 2017 too).
  14. but wait!! Phillip Montgomery had only been OC under Art Briles, so clearly none of his OC experience and success should count either.
  15. Maybe its being pedantic but we had a safety and a de at the position, I don't think we just need NEW LB's we need actual LB's.
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