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  1. Q didn't produce anything notable his first year.
  2. I recall the defense in Skip's first year, under Snyder, being pretty solid, but yea overall the defense has not been good and in general we've never really had an identity since Leavitt left. Some might say we had that with the gulf coast offense but IMO that was just 90% one player defining the team.
  3. I don't really know that there is a comparison if Grothe didn't play as a True, and BJ only played a few series before his "medical redshirt". QF didn't look as good but also didn't play that much. McClain looks fine though. All the better when you consider there wasn't a solidified offense for him to step in to, he wasn't getting all the practice reps in the preseason, and the schedule hasn't been a cakewalk. I'm super optimistic about that guy as the future based on what I've seen.
  4. I don't think there is great evidence he will succeed yet, but I'm happy with his recruiting and specifically the fact that he has brought in a lot of QB's. Almost like he understands it is an important position. That is at least evidence of a brain, that a couple of our previous hires didn't show.
  5. Different perspective: If my family didn't eat for a week I'd say that is a HUGE donation on my part. Someone with the ability to donate $10,000 has a completely different set of investment opportunities and they will eat fine this week, but I don't think you need to downplay the donation as the "same percentage" as feeding a family for a week. How much would you have if you threw $10,000 at Tesla, Apple, etc stock a few years back? Both are significant.
  6. its hard to win them all even when you are the better team. I don't see them having another undefeated season, but that wasn't your question so, IMO even if Cinci wins them all, they will be excluded. the CFP committee is 70% P5 interests and when it comes down to it they're gonna protect each other, knowing next time their conference could have the bubble team. there is a lot of money and publicity at stake in any given year but the real threat is that the G5 team would win a game and blow up the system altogether maybe a couple/few committee members would vote a great G5 team 4th, but several others will place them artificially low and it will never average out.
  7. Senior/Grad, etc are just letters. Doesn't mean you have any valuable experience to offer a Div1 football team. Tell me about the talent and accomplishments of these experienced guys, contributing on the field to winning at this level(or higher). We were Terrible last year. Look to the ECU game to see what happens when a very bad team showed up against us. Just don't see that much talent added to the roster yet, and this is more like year 1.33 of the rebuild than year 2 due to the wacky season. Would be very pleased if we can reach bowl eligibility this year.
  8. LOL I'm not an every day reader so I was definitely reading the whole thread at once but was referencing someone from page 2 who were comparing Strong and Malzahn based on record. I actually agree Malzahn is probably going to be just decent. But my thought is that he can win 8 or 9 most years, pretty much always make a bowl, but be a conference contender if and when they have the right QB.
  9. Tuberville's record was better but the conference and the SEC west was not as strong. No Saban, no Texas A&M, and Ole Miss and Miss St were tougher in the 2010's. I don't see much of a performance gap when considering the relative conference strength. But as you say I think Malzahn is more stylistically suited for UCF than Tuberville was to go to Texas Tech, which was replacing Leach I think? That always seemed like an odd fit.
  10. Malzahn's resume is fine. Not great but not bad. Its tough in the SEC west and they play Georgia every year, which was a tough draw a few years. They also had Clemson in the regular season in 16 and 17. He underperformed a tad for what Auburn should be but he didn't suck it up. I dont care what their records say I think he is much better than Strong who did all his winning in between P5-P6 level. Strong underperformed by about 5 wins a year based on where Texas should fall in line. The question is, is he a guy that is content to cash in one more contract or a guy who still has the drive.
  11. He had the ability that is so rare amongst WRs these days, of being able to catch a football. Great speed and playmaking ability in the jet sweep. Good luck to him
  12. Interesting because I would also say outside of BCC, Navy, and maybe ECU we don't have a big talent advantage over anyone either.
  13. Because they won't sign it when they have other better options
  14. You're arguing why it's a good idea for the school. Its still a terrible deal for the coaches unless the incentive laden contracts far exceed the guaranteed money because there will always be another school that will offer the guaranteed money.
  15. Sounds great. Until all the fully qualified, intelligent coaches take jobs at the schools who don't expect them to pay for all the aspects of the job they can't control.
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