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  1. slowdown

    Skip Holtz 2.0

    We will keep recruiting better whereas Holtz recruiting was terrible. Otherwise I think unfortunately may be similar
  2. The whole McGee thing is just a symptom of a team that was already lost. Really just damage control.
  3. If this team had mental toughness they wouldn't have come out and played like this after a loss. They wouldn't have let themselves come out the eight weeks in a row prior to Houston and start off every game like dog ****. That happens to most teams once or twice a year. It's business as usual for this bunch. I see a team who is just looking for a merciful death.
  4. Just wait. The way this team is falling apart we are on schedule for another FCS beatdown in 2021. Program is dismantling in front of our eyes
  5. Yes. He recruited him to Louisville. That's part of a coaches job. You aren't blessed to win recruiting battles
  6. their WRs and QB make our Defense look like schoolboys in one on one situations, they're better athletes
  7. I see them trying to put the game away and get another big bowl game
  8. OL also always ready to contribute a penalty at the worst time
  9. We aren't that good and we don't play up to our ability.
  10. A terrible one too. Can't believe they didn't call that one
  11. We don't have linebackers. Seriously we are playing a safety and a DE there just to get two. Really disappointed in them nonetheless but that is a tough fact