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  1. First we would have to change the culture which would allow the coach and the school to have control and discipline on players. We routinely shun that here. Another thread here talking about how css should allow guys to blaze up, sure that is not an issue at West point. Next the players would need a different attitude. This year the team was not together as a team by mid season. Instead of tightening the bond it seemed we were not connected as a team.
  2. Have friends that would like to attend the Temple game, looking for 4 tickets for sale. PM me or e-mail gdgenereux@gmail.com Location not important.
  3. Mack better start off with a 250+ yard game against FAMU to get out of the gate towards 1,000. I hope, but would be a little surprised to see him get 100+ each game. To do that we need to have a decent passing game that can open up the middle. If we cannot hit receivers the defense will just pound the line and block up the run, just like last year. Even in the Grothe era we saw this, he was not a pocket passer, but he could get the ball down field when they released the receivers to stop his scramble.
  4. Yeah, small print, 12/31/15 exp. Better than prior years that ended in Sept. I think
  5. Got mine, love the binder, no ******* swag like that. No license plate or pin. WTF, never missed a home game in history, sure, not $10,000 donor seats but **** man, give me a sitcker or something. Did not see golf passes either, guess they figure fat guys prefer hooters...
  6. Well he certainly has the patented USF shoulder slam tackle technique down. God forbid we find somebody who can actually wrap a runner up instead of trying to blast him with a shoulder pop.
  7. #3 is taken, he throws a tantrum and murders someone on the Softball team ruining the best national exposure program we have.
  8. Exactly, so many of these factors go against USF, UCF is ranking above because of the number of students that are on campus per se, not commuters as we are. They tend to complete quicker and have a better completion rate. However, we make more as alumni then they do generally. It is a crap review, does not take into account the community connections, our patents, leading medical programs, etc.
  9. Prefer American Bourbon thanks.. Maybe a Knob Creek, or Buffalo Trace..
  10. He was never allowed to be on the team. I posted in another thread that Harlan said they are consistently looking at the option of an OCS, but when they build it, it will be, I believe he used the word, "spectacular" From the annals of USF history, every AD since Jesus has said we are looking at an OCS, even before we had football there was talk of a stadium... lol
  11. the defense was pitiful this year. I miss the days of Wally where they played aggressive, attacking style football. not sit on your heels and let them take it to us. If we had any semblance of offense, we would have won several more games this year. Defense is the least of our worries right now. They kept us in a few games that we lost. Being the least of our worries does not mean it was not a problem. We still cannot tackle for crap. A flag football team tackles better than we do. Out turnover percentage fell apart at the end of the season as well. We need to learn to blitz...
  12. Of course who gives a rats ass about uniforms, but it's something to look at and talk about between now and Friday. Lighten up man! True, it is a diversion from all the "we suck" talk... which we do, but talking about uniforms helps. Of course, I like changing it up, that way it won't look like us in the UCF highlight reel.
  13. Bay News Nine has nothing to do with USF anymore. They did not renew their contract 4 years ago and do not show any AAC games in any sport.
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