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  1. LunchTimeBully

    Blake Barnett

    He was good when it mattered the most.... He has a lot to work on so the good in this is that he probably won’t be leaving early for the NFL.
  2. LunchTimeBully

    Rest of the season

    Have to think the light bulb will have to turn on soon
  3. There are no easy wins for us
  4. LunchTimeBully

    @ UMass TV Discussion

    Really just need to get into a better conference so we can watch more games on regular tv.....
  5. LunchTimeBully

    QB change?

    We’d see worse growing pains with the backups... BB displays the moxie to win the 4th quarter he just needs to make quicker and more decisive decisions. Once he finishes learning the offense and learns to read the defense he has a ton of potential that we’ve never seen in our history.
  6. USF has one of the lowest tuition in the nation it’s not unreasonable to ask for.
  7. LunchTimeBully

    Biggest Concern After Tonight's Game

    O and D line. Inconsistency. Punter looks good.
  8. ECU defense is not that good, the offense (mostly O line) massively underperformed, and did not show signs of improvement. I’m happy we won
  9. LunchTimeBully

    Looking for watch party

    Thanks! If anyone is going please pm me
  10. LunchTimeBully

    Looking for watch party

    Anybody know of a watch party for this game in DC?
  11. LunchTimeBully

    USF Run Defense

    Weakest part of the team. Need to load the box.
  12. LunchTimeBully

    Run Defense

    Need to learn how to shed blocks and be more aggressive getting in the backfield, which we showed some flashes of