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Just a quick note to remind you the USF Bulls Fan Fest is this Saturday, August 11th, from 1-4 p.m. at the on campus Yuengling Center.

This is your opportunity to meet the USF 2018-19 teams!

More information on board and calendar (address and RSVP).

Join the Stampede at the Yuengling Center!

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  1. Willie T was very high on Chris O throwing the ball saying he could be a starter as a freshman unimpressed by kean in games so far
  2. LunchTimeBully

    USN&WR USF #140

    So being part of the bulls club can be a tax deduction?
  3. LunchTimeBully

    USN&WR USF #140

    Just became a life member easy way to deduct taxes and increase prestige. Last day to count for tax deduction today.
  4. Willie Taggart was very high on Chris O. I remember saying he could start as a true freshman. 🤘🏼
  5. LunchTimeBully

    Gilbert still doesn't get it

    Screen pass to DJ, short passes to WR TE, jet sweeps, and deep balls would get this offense rolling
  6. Just need 1 ticket to the game. Thanks!
  7. LunchTimeBully

    UCONN - Friday Night

    Wish I had the motivation to attend but last game killed it.
  8. LunchTimeBully

    Special teams

    Cost us the game. Fumbled FG attempt. Missed FG. Mishandled snap. Made it a 13 point swing. That can be corrected. Defense played well. Offense was decent. Overall improvement, and a lot of potential.
  9. LunchTimeBully

    Game friend

    Looking for somebody to go to the game with today. I have a friend who wants to go but may not make it.
  10. LunchTimeBully

    USF girls at UCF bars

    A lot of usf students grew up in Orlando
  11. LunchTimeBully

    USF v UCF Basketball

    Best possible way to beat the ucif clowns
  12. LunchTimeBully

    UCFer Reaction To AD News

    When usf takes the conference and creams ucif next year we will be having the same discussion
  13. And? That win helped UCF win the conference and get UCF to a BCS Bowl. In 2008, UCF took Usf into overtime. Usf was ranked #17 and UCF was 4-8 that year. Things happen. point being you are 2 players and head coach removed from being a bottom feeder in a bad conference. You better hope the stars continue to align, because it looks like it's only down from here for you.
  14. Same team that beat the worst ever usf team by 3 points on their home field. Reality.