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  1. I really don't want to jump into this mess of a thread, but I do want to point out a couple of things. One of the things that made USF unique was that it still served our community. The whole commuter school thing is a result of the Tampa Bay area (large metro area) having a solid university to serve it's citizens that could earn a degree while still working. With the exception of Tallahassee you can't really say that about the other universities in the state. The low undergraduate graduation rates result from those who were working and going to school at the same time. People taking those night classes who are older and not living on campus. None of things in my opinion are bad things. Life happens and they have to stop taking classes for a while or for good. So it really depends how you look at it. From a numbers point of view yet it looks bad, but we were a university that served it's community and to me that was a good thing. USF is definitely making strides to try and shed the commuter school image, but I'm not a fan of how they are going about it. For a research 1 institution better relationships with the area would help boost research (i.e. in the college of education and in the college of health) On somewhat of a side note, USF has grown so fast to be a research 1 that we really don't have the infrastructure of a research 1 university set up yet. There are still policies and faculty that were set/came here when we were a comprehensive university. I came in as doc student with part new faculty educated in research 1 schools and old faculty who are still in comprehensive university mode. It's amazing how different they really are. As for AAU, it's just a good ol' boys club. I think it was SU or someone up north that just decided they didn't want to be part of AAU anymore because they didn't feel it was worth their effort. Yeah it would be kind of cool to be in it, but it shouldn't be what defines us. IMHO if there is anyone that can get us that bid it would be Judy. In terms of conference realignment and the cluster@#$% that it is, which I think is the ultimate point of this thread, I don't think any of this really matters. I think it's about money and tradition. It's asinine to even look at the teams that are in the conferences now. Really the only conference that makes any sense right now is the SEC. You would think university presidents would be able to control themselves and not act like they've never seen money before. I drives me crazy to think that someone like the NCAA should have authority over them. Someone needs to slap them in the face, look them in the eye, and say what the #$%& are you doing? I think USF will be fine. The chances of us getting into the "big five" are slim, so no matter what conference we are in, we at least have chance to get into the play offs. I'm sure Doug and Judy are doing their best. It's not like it's in their best interest to play in a crappy conference. In the end I think USF just needs to worry about what it can control. Go Bulls!
  2. I was under the impression that Skip just wanted him to come in and run a similar defense to what Snyder was running so the kids didn't have to learn a whole new system. Skip is conservative (painfully so), but it's worked for him in the past, so i guess that's why he's sticking to it. I can only hope that both him and Cosh are starting to realize that it's not working. Watching 3rd down is the most frustrating thing in the world. At this point if you chose a play at random you'd have a better chance of stopping them.
  3. I go back and forth on this. It's not like Skip is sitting back in his office counting money and practicing his evil laugh. He wants to win he just isn't doing it. It may only be me, but I think Cosh is the issue. For the record I didn't like Snyder either. With a good DC we win most of those close games and really most of them wouldn't be close. Wally wasn't perfect, but at least we had an idenity, a D that was tough and fast. He certainly did more with less and that's the kind of guy we need. I get it, it's ultimately on Skip, but I can't see Skip being too terribly happy with Cosh right now. Getting rid of Skip right now is not the answer and really he should get at least one more year (and believe me I don't like say that). My guess on why he got the extension was because a: Doug was happy with Skip's improvement in academics (face it, our academics really needed some help) and b: with the crazy budget cuts going on right now Doug might not of had the money later and c: at that point there was still promise--he came in and did well in his first season (same as Leavitt had been doing) and the second season we were sold on the fact that we were "this" close.
  4. I am a little unsure why people are trashing on GG. We have put up just about 500 yards in all our games so far. Don't get me wrong I would love to have 1,000 yards of offense for the game, but I'll take 500. We are moving the ball. AND we don't have our "top" backs. What is there to complain about? My only beef is when we try to get too fancy on plays that should be routine...like the 3rd and 1 in our zone. THat should have been a Grothe run or QB sneak. I would like to see the D tighten up. They don't look as strong as they did last year. With Selvie being double or triple teamed someone needs to use that and make a play.
  5. A running game that isn't Grothe Either a beefed up D-line or better playcalling for those runs up the middle. Nearly every game we lost, we got beat up in the middle.
  6. as the great ron livingston said, "i cant believe what a bunch of nerds we are, we just looked up money laundering in the dictionary." Ha! I figured that so much of this thread was riding on a definition and no one had it, so wth
  7. From onelook.com: Rival noun: the contestant you hope to defeat (Example: "He had respect for his rivals") verb: be the rival of, be in competition with (Example: "We are rivaling for first place in the race") verb: be equal to in quality or ability (Example: "Nothing can rival cotton for durability") name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #54633)
  8. I might be the odd guy out here, but I don't think OU really was that good in the bowl game; they just kept running the same play over and over and it we did nothing about it. Besides the 3rd quarter we were still alive. I think it was one of the rare cases of bad coaching on our part.
  9. My thoughts excatly. Our tie-in's are really bad now, why add to it. If we go 6-6 then I think that we deserve to stay at home or hope that something works our way like every other BCS conference. Playing bad teams only gives those teams chances to beat us.
  10. I'm still debating if my wife and I are going to go. I am not sure it is worth it to put up with their fans. Maybe we will just take a long weekend and go to another away game.
  11. I thought the same thing as post at first, but at this point I think we can trust leavitt
  12. I thought the same thing as Bully when I first saw the line. I would like to see more the the "U" on some of the stuff. I don't mind the block letters, but some of the gear looks like the screen printing guy on the corner designed it. I like the jerseys and white pants would be great
  13. I'm not saying I agree, but UCF seems like the logical choice if I were the choosing. -getting teams to leave CUSA is easy -chance at a possible rivarily and therefore a feature game for the BE every year -they are in FL which helps in recruiting for all teams and helps round out the conference in terms of locations TCU -it's location hurts it the most -has no ties to any other team -would give some recruiting ties to texas ECU -besides skip nothing much -Location fits Notre Dame -Ha! yeah right! FAU -the question here would be, why not UCF? The only thing I can think of is that it is in Miami. I am not saying I like it, but it seems to make the most sense.
  14. WVU is still going to be good and I think the contender for the BE. THe players already know the coach and love him, so I don't think there will be a drop off. Plus Devine is someone that every team is going to have to find a way to stop. UL is going to be better than most think. They are working on building a D and their offense even without Brohm should be better than most in the BE SU Ha! Rutgers, UConn, and Cincy--it doesn't matter for us. FOr some reason we have trouble with these teams when we cleary should be better than them. Don't overlook RU just becuase Rice is gone, UConn is well coached, but I still think we have much better talent than they do. Cincy will be fine even without Mauk(sp?) It boggles my mind when we lose these games. Yes they are good teams, but we should be beating them. Pitt has a great recruiting class nearly every year, but Wanny can't coach so they might be better next year, but I don't expect them to roll. As for us, I think we will be okay and have a shot if we can find any kind of consistency. We will miss Jenkins and Williams, but we will miss Moffit the most. He was a true leader for the D and finding someone to fill his place is going to be hard. MG specifically has to find consisitency. He does his best when he is on the run, but with some RB's he has more time in the pocket and more time to think. I would say we just as good of a chance as we did this year. It isn't about how good the other teams are, it's about how consistent we can play.
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