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  1. 4 wins in 2 years. I don't think you can blame conditioning.
  2. woohoo another arkansas connection that can be debated
  3. I have no idea. I usually don't get too caught up in coaching searches til its finalized.Everybody claims to have sources
  4. Our AD Made a comment about this when he was hired in 2017. “To me, losing football games is [reason for being] terminated with cause,” he said. “And the protection that coaches are provided with in their contracts to me is ludicrous. I want to be a leader in the industry and how we write our coaches’ contracts moving forward, so that there’s not 100% guaranteed [salary] protection for their contracts.” There are numerous examples, but Yurachek made particular reference to former Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin, who was fired after six years and a 51-26 record. Because of a raise and contract extension awarded to him in 2013, Sumlin will still be paid the $10.4 million he would have been paid if he hadn’t been fired by the university, according to his employment contract. “Coaches deserve some protection,” Yurachek said Wednesday. “The expectations they face are so high, especially in our league and in other Power 5 leagues. But for Kevin Sumlin to get paid 100% of his contract at $10 million, I think that was a mistake. Now, I’m not at Texas A&M and I know we compete against them in our conference and they’ll probably hold that against me, but that is a mistake in our industry.”
  5. Try having your two favorite college teams go 15-34 over the past two years. If you count this year it would be 6-18. You would think I would pick better teams.
  6. Please Don't take this as a troll. As several of you guys know, i'm a hog fan first but I've been rooting for usf since day 1. My sister (no pics) graduated from usf in 2002. I signed up on this board when usf hired stan heath and tried to warn you guys. Ever since then usf/arkansas has had several connections. (Sister is an alum,Stan heath, skip holtz, Charlie Strong) Charlie Strong and I are from the same town. I know his family somewhat its a small town around 11k people. Back in Feb/March? 2019 Charlie came back to batesville for a meet and greet. He talked about his upbringing, his coaching jobs who helped him along the way ect ect. Talked about usf. His family was there and other than his family, I was the only one wearing my USF Shirt. I was able to get a pic with him and he acted suprised when I said lets do a horns up pic. (the last two coaches i've had a pic with has been fired. Not saying i'm a jinx. Mike Anderson-arkansas Charlie Strong-usf) Fast Forward to a few weeks ago. I was trying to reset my password and Brad finally got around to helping me get it reset. I was going to make a topic here for you guys. It was "favorite college team" for a day here for the local schools during homecoming week. My preschool son and my kindergartner had the choice between Arkansas Shirt or usf shirt. We went ahead with the usf shirt because arkansas football is on life support. Finally, Yes I will always root for usf. USF has always been my 2nd favorite team. Sorry for making this so long.
  7. Talk Football Year around? Enjoy Basketball at the Sundome? Ken Pom has usf ranked #282 out of 351 teams. What about baseball?
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