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  1. 4 wins in 2 years. I don't think you can blame conditioning.
  2. I have no idea. I usually don't get too caught up in coaching searches til its finalized.Everybody claims to have sources
  3. Our AD Made a comment about this when he was hired in 2017. “To me, losing football games is [reason for being] terminated with cause,” he said. “And the protection that coaches are provided with in their contracts to me is ludicrous. I want to be a leader in the industry and how we write our coaches’ contracts moving forward, so that there’s not 100% guaranteed [salary] protection for their contracts.” There are numerous examples, but Yurachek made particular reference to former Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin, who was fired after six years and a 51-26 record.
  4. Try having your two favorite college teams go 15-34 over the past two years. If you count this year it would be 6-18. You would think I would pick better teams.
  5. Please Don't take this as a troll. As several of you guys know, i'm a hog fan first but I've been rooting for usf since day 1. My sister (no pics) graduated from usf in 2002. I signed up on this board when usf hired stan heath and tried to warn you guys. Ever since then usf/arkansas has had several connections. (Sister is an alum,Stan heath, skip holtz, Charlie Strong) Charlie Strong and I are from the same town. I know his family somewhat its a small town around 11k people. Back in Feb/March? 2019 Charlie came back to batesville for a meet and greet. He talked about his upbringing, his
  6. Talk Football Year around? Enjoy Basketball at the Sundome? Ken Pom has usf ranked #282 out of 351 teams. What about baseball?
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