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  1. Fingers 🤞 If ucif can hire a talented coach like Frost, then anyone can. I’d rather take my chances.
  2. Please, please, please someone take strong and company off our hands. He’s a proven loser.
  3. I am. He's a poor choice. If he were such a great option, another P5 program (like Oregon) would have pursued him as head coach. Too many people see the coach strong from the UF and UL days. Those days are gone. Regardless of all the reasons, he failed at UT. The idea of a complete 180 here with less resources and access to a national championship isnt realistic. There were other candidates with more upside.
  4. Poor choice. Mediocre results in an easy conference. I hope this wasn't the best we could do.
  5. How about your school's head start in playing collegiate football? Wasn't that some sort of an advantage? Typical UCiF. THIS!!!! ucif has played football over 30 years. Yet they forget their sorry past. And the media ignores it. USF had no advantage whatsoever.
  6. Let's not play ucif. Their fans are awful. It's good being 4-0 against them. Don't give them the satisfaction of playing us again.
  7. They do not deserve thanks. Our administration should have found a way to get us out of this trash heap of a conference. And adding the likes of SMU and ucif is definitely not an upgrade. And by sponsoring ucif's membership we helped them while creating additional competition for recruits in the future. Great plan.
  8. You guys seem to believe we are something more than a crappy 5-5 team... We are clearly not and neither is Miami, so let's not praise mediocrity.
  9. Agreed. Nice way to get rolled on the final drive for the goal ahead score by the opposing team. Perfect plan to play five yards off the receivers so the have an opportunity to catch the ball without interference.
  10. we had 5 sacks. we are #2 in the country with 3.5 sacks per game. it's when we go into prevent that things unravel. THIS!!!!!!!!! We stopped doing what worked all game.
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