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  1. The Birmingham bowl vs ECU was my first road trip game. Flew into Tampa to visit family for the holidays, then took the charter plane up to Birmingham and stayed at the team hotel. Was great, met so many USF fans, learned about this board, got a photo Selmon in the lobby of the hotel, and just generally had a great time. Second was WVU in Morgantown during a blizzard. Went to a local WVU bar before the game and met some Mountaineer fans, gave me beers at the game and hand & foot warmers. We lost that one, was still a lot of fun.
  2. 1) USF 2) 5 - 3 3) Ford 4) St. Felix 5) 150 USF wins it on a late field goal. It's 3-0 at halftime, a safety early in the 2nd half makes it 3-2 and gives us just enough hope to get over the hump at the end of the game.
  3. Anywhere online? Searched big lots site, no usf anything.
  4. penn state (long family history) and stanford (went to games when i lived in the bay area).
  5. Had respect for wvi. Especially after sitting in a bar, alone, in Morgantown with a usf shirt on and having wvu fans and alumni offer me beer and hand warmers for the game. Never liked rich rod.
  6. The "leaflet" should include addresses he has cased and will break in to next week.
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