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  1. slaterson

    2019 OC ?

    prolly recruiting...
  2. According to the tv announcers, Warren just ran for over 101,000 yards for the season.
  3. Acrimony. Nice vocabulary. That's a USF education at work!
  4. the past two games are on me, guys. i didn't put my 'game shirt' on until just before the game. i usually put it on as soon as i wake up on game day saturdays.
  5. Looks like Houston d is already wearing down. Glad team appears to have woken up before the 4th.
  6. Sorry to say it... this is why you have high blood pressure.
  7. We need Vincent Davis to put a hit on pindell.
  8. Calmness prevails. We will score 58 unanswered in the fourth.
  9. looks like cronkite just became the single game rushing leader for usf. and there is still 20 minutes remaining.