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  1. The ref had his hand up, they weren’t letting him snap the ball
  2. slbpsi63

    Frost to Nebraska

    Irony will be frost never making a New Years six bowl game with Nebraska and giving up his earned opportunity with UCF to coach in one!!! GOD I hate UCF but I really hope this happens!!!!
  3. This is insane. We need to be hitting up everyone’s recruits...... especially QB’s, d line and secondary.
  4. slbpsi63

    Around the AAC

    We control our destiny....
  5. 91* with 27% humidity.... the air sucks you dry on your sofa, let alone playing football.
  6. After watching the anemic crowd at this game, I will never complain again
  7. Hahahaha! I stopped putting fingers up at ..4 halfway through the commercial
  8. I'd never though I'd say this at halftime after the first qtr...... I'm happy!!!