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  1. Say we lose to Houston and beat UCF and Memphis. Is there anyone behind us that would challenge us for the NY6 bowl? Or is it presumable we would be the highest ranked Group of 5 team.
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 109 seconds
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 129 seconds
  4. In my opinion 2008 was more anticipation. Even looking back at old game footage the lower levels were full and the crowds were loud.
  5. Can we get sources other than local news. Makes me nervous
  6. If zero conference championships , fading at the end of the season and beating ranked teams is what you want , sure go hire another leavitt.
  7. Strong tried to bring a pro style offense to Texas while the rest of the big 12 was on the air raid. After 2 year they made him hire an air raid oc. Sound familiar ?
  8. Big time , if it wasn't for Q begging to let him loose taggart would already be gone. Without Q are we even bowl eligible ?
  9. Kind of like skip holtz? He was the definition of failure at USF and is now playing for a conference championship. Strong is a better coach than willie imo. He was set up to fail at Texas from the beginning. Get him back in Florida and maybe we finally win a conference championship?
  10. Who gets a higher profile job next year, Jim leavitt, skip or willie t.
  11. I think the vengeance in this one may be with the Bulls. Yea we smacked them around in Tampa last year however we were the ones at home watching them play for the championship. We do not want that to happen again.
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