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  1. Hope to see that classic Pitt flat 2nd half from the previous two weeks.
  2. So if we stop living in the past would FIU not be the more deserving team, given that within the last 6 days they smacked UCF around?
  3. Bobby - I appreciate your passion there, but trust me a senator that puts a large amount of effort into something like this is asking to be replaced when his seat comes up again. You do realize that we have the highest unemployment rate the country has seen in decades. Not to mention two wars going on. There is absolutely no way that this issue carries enough weight to take the focus off of all of the above. Not to mention the current pres has this little health care bill still sitting unresolved. Now as to the three teams you mentioned, I think its highly likely that all three of them are in a BCS conf in the next 5 years making your argument mute.
  4. I disagree February 3, 2010 South Florida is better than Gtown.
  5. You say that like we should not expect him to play lights out. He is the best player on the court every single game he steps on the court to play. Pitt ran 6 different guys at him today, and not ONE of them could control him. As to those out there thinking that a Marquette gets in over USF with comparable records, I disagree. The Golden Eagles dont have a star like we do, With Dom we are a marketable team come buble time. We have alot of huge moments ahead before we can start to celebrate, but its going to be a hell of a fun 9 game ride. I also think we end with a very winnable first game up in New York. You s
  6. Mike Ford? Why would the school invest money in our third string running back headed into next year? Correct me if I am wrong Carl Franks is still around to keep him on the bench.
  7. Mutt - I know it will be bitter sweet, and to be honest strange not having CJL at the preseason tailgate this year, but that would probably be the first opportunity for alot of us diehards to really get a feel for Coach Holtz. Let all of us on the board know what you need to help pull it together this year, I know I for one am willing to donate time and manpower to help keep this traditional gathering of Bulls going for years to come.
  8. http://www.tailgatingideas.com/boycott-concessions-at-acc-championship-game/ If they are upset about this, just wait until they get inside the stadium and some dude who got free tickets and has no rooting interest whatsoever has them thrown out for standing and chearing on their team. RJ stadium is a joke, and so is the TSA.
  9. Why is B Kelly going to Notre Dame a slight against the conference? Correct me if I'm wrong Stoops and Meyer also being rumored as possible candidates for the job? Does that make the SEC and Big 12 stepping stones as well? Rich Rod left WVA for freaking Michigan. Bobby P went to the NFL. There is almost always a better job out there, Notre Dame is a significantly better job than Cincy in fact it is not even close. As for the question in the subject is it good for USF? YES… YES… One hundred times yes. That guy is a filthy coach who honestly is a magic man with QB’s. I would like nothing more than to face him in South Bend and never see him again.
  10. That and getting to enjoy a full slate of football on Saturday.
  11. Hells Bells NEVER gets old... There is a reason every stadium plays it. I would like to hear Thunderstruck more, that song jacks me up. Im pretty sure Ray Jay views Hells Bells as permission to stand I wish they played it before every snap our D is on the field.
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