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  1. Way to surprise them with runs up the middle.....freaking ridiculous
  2. I didnt read every page and I'm sure it's been said, but last year they started giving one free ticket to Bulls Varsity Club members to any home game, any sport. $50 for the year, or in my case, $80 for a couple. Section 133 so decent seats. Showing up to a game and not knowing would suck though. I grad in 2006 and have always known about the Bulls Varsity Club. 3 kids later I've since dropped my season tickets and take advantage of the free tickets.
  3. I've predicted every run up the middle, except for the one that made it 3 in a row!!!!
  4. Their number one priority is to get on the jumbotron, not enjoy the actual game on the field. And standing literally the whole game is a problem.
  5. Agreed. I was in his same section (121) last season and was glad to leave. Now my new seats has some copycats a few rows in front on me that stand the whole game to try and get the attention of the camera man. Even my kids are annoyed with this wanna be wizard.
  6. He started this wizard crap around Halloween last year. It was kinda funny then, but to continue this long it just dumb. We're the Bulls, not the USF Harry Potters. FYI he sits with what looks like to be his mom.
  7. While tailgating for the FAMU game, a bunch of Sundolls came up to my kids and gave them signed Sundolls posters...one of them somehow made it up on my office wall ;D
  8. Landi did not have a catch last game but 14 others did....what was his deal?
  9. this is good to hear. a couple years ago i had to walk by football practice and every day the kickers would be sitting on the ground with their helmets off or just d icking around. i really hope special teams has one of the biggest improvements this season.
  10. didn't d jones guarantee another 4 game winning streak. looks like he is going to keep his word...
  11. wow now i'm really pissed off. i should not have just watched the end of that game. i was yelling at the tv on Amarri's PI call. that was a weak a$$ call!
  12. wait i thought all of the upper deck tickets were $10 for this game??? no chance of 60,000 now. i'm glad i got mine for $10 cause there is now way i'd pay $30 to sit in the upperdeck
  13. hey i have some kicking experience but i've gone to school and also played a sport already. anyone that hasn't gone to college wanna let me borrow their identity??? i'll give it back...i promise.
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