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  1. Her announcement: To the USF community, USF Board of Trustees and Florida Board of Governors: The University of South Florida System is on a trajectory unlike ever before in its history. We are reaching milestones once reserved for universities twice our age. We are being recognized by everyone from local supporters to state leaders to national and global higher education stakeholders. We continue to make groundbreaking strides in research, student success, teaching and community impact. And we are coming together, for the good of our students, as one united, strong and dynamic university. Because of this positive momentum, my family and I believe that this is the right time for me to step down from my post as President, effective July 1, 2019. It has been the honor of my professional career to be part of this journey since the year 2000. USF is on the cusp of a new era because of the collective will and tenacity of the entire USF community. This year we were named a Preeminent State Research University by the Florida Board of Governors, we were welcomed into the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa national honor society, we surpassed our $1 billion goal for our Unstoppable campaign, we reached a record of $568 million in annual research expenditures and we admitted the most accomplished freshmen class in our university’s history. The USF System has transformed into a vibrant community, with millions of dollars in new residential, academic and research facilities, including our new USF Health Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute in downtown Tampa. And I’m especially proud of the national recognition USF has received for our efforts to improve student success and close the graduation gap among students of all races, ethnicities and socioeconomic status. (Read about more of our accomplishments detailed in this year’s Fall Address). All of us working together as a USF community – the students, faculty, staff, university administration, Board of Trustees, alumni, fans and supporters – is what made these achievements possible. It is this community that decided, together, to push the limits of our own potential. It is this community that will keep pushing forward as we reach greater heights of excellence. I know that our leadership team, including our trustees, vice presidents and deans, will ensure that our strong momentum continues during the transition and beyond. Nearly two decades ago, this university and this Tampa Bay community welcomed me, Steve and our sons into its family. The impact that this community has made on me and my family cannot be overstated, and we are deeply grateful. Thank you for your support and friendship. GO BULLS! Judy Genshaft USF System President
  2. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 98 seconds  
  3. Last year, I was at Disneyland Paris and was surprised to see someone sporting a USF shirt. I think he was even more surprised when I yelled "Go Bulls!" across the way.
  4. From Provost Wilcox to the faculty this morning: Dear Colleagues, As we begin the fourth week of Spring semester classes, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for getting us off to a great start but also to comment on important matters that I know are on the minds of many of our faculty, staff and students. In the weeks leading up to President Trump's inauguration, and most particularly in recent days, I have heard from many who are unsure about the impact on our university of statements made, and actions taken, by the new administration. From questions concerning the status of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), to the administration's posture regarding scientific research (especially that concerning the environment and climate change) and, over this past weekend, the meaning of Friday's executive order entitled "Protecting the Nation...," I deeply appreciate the care and concern that you have expressed for our university community. Throughout history, the strength of our democracy has been communicated to the world via peaceful transition of the presidency. On this occasion, the early days of the new administration have been characterized by many as unconventional, unpredictable, and even unprecedented. At the University of South Florida, we will continue to be guided through such change and uncertainty by our clearly stated mission, vision, values and goals (USF Strategic Plan, 2013-2018). As provost I will, with your support, continue to execute our plan and vision for the future – which represents our path to preeminence. We will do so in a climate that "values cultural and ethnic diversity and global understanding... by sustaining a community of free inquiry in which people of diverse race, ethnicity, veteran status, marital status, socio-economic level, national origin, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, class, political ideology, gender identity and expression participate in, contribute to, and benefit equally, from the academic community" (USF Diversity Statement). Moreover, you will recall that toward the end of last semester, USF joined other universities across the nation as a signatory on a statement of support for DACA students. We continue to monitor related policy matters and remain committed to protecting student records consistent with federal and state laws. As we assess the potential impact of last Friday's executive order that blocks entry of immigrants from certain countries to the U.S., it is important that we celebrate the valued contributions of our international students, faculty and staff. USF is enriched and strengthened each day by the contributions they make toward our pursuit of excellence in education, research, partnership, and economic development. Their work is crucial to the success of our university, the Tampa Bay Region, our state and nation. It is for this reason that we will continue to recruit, enroll, support, and retain the best and brightest talent from around the world. We have reached out to students from the seven countries identified and have advised them not to leave the U.S. at this time. Meanwhile, we will continue to monitor developments and provide our USF students, faculty, and staff with the care, support, and guidance they need during this difficult time. Most important, we want our international students, faculty and staff to be able to focus on what first brought them to USF: the pursuit of a world class education and the opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways to the scholarly life of a top tier global research university and the communities we serve. We are deeply committed to providing a warm and welcoming campus to students, faculty and staff from around the world. Please encourage any of your international students who may have questions about recent developments in Washington DC., to reach out to the Office of International Services in USF World. The USF Research Strategic Plan, 2017-2021 serves as the roadmap to our scholarly future and publicly affirms our dedication to the unfettered search for truth through scholarship, scientific investigation and discovery. Shaped by both principle and practice, USF remains steadfastly committed to the search for innovative solutions to many of the most pervasive, complex, and urgent issues of our time. The message to our students who are enrolled through the provisions of DACA and accompanying state law, and to those who have joined us from around the world, is that USF deeply values the knowledge, ideas, and perspectives that they bring to our campus community and, most importantly, we are committed to their success. And to those engaged in research, especially in areas that have been questioned by some, USF stands firm in its support for your valued contributions to new knowledge and discovery. In conclusion, we can take pride that USF System Policy 10-050 affirms our institution to be "a community of scholars united in the pursuit of truth and wisdom." Like any great university, we will continue to embrace a plurality of ideas, opinions, and perspectives, and encourage reasoned and civil discourse, debate and dissenting viewpoints, grounded in the search for truth. As I urged you last November, please continue to work hard to foster and sustain a climate of respect, tolerance, and trust in building a community of belonging in which we can all feel safe and appreciated. While, collectively, we will continue our focus and discipline in executing our strategic plan, we will do so in accordance with federal and state law, while keeping a watchful eye on continuing developments. Please let me know if you or your students have additional concerns. Meanwhile, I urge you to reach out to your elected representatives (senators and congressmen/congresswomen) to share your thoughts on legislative and policy proposals emanating from our nation's capital.
  5. Good to see he's staying here. http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=211398504
  6. If we keep playing the way we are, they'll know exactly who we are. Back in 2007, no matter where I was, if I was wearing USF gear - even a polo with just our U logo - people would comment. Another winning season or two with some signature wins and we'll be recognizable again.
  7. I do too. Reduces the chance of being confused with UCF.
  8. Our first experience at their stadium was less than stellar - the students were horrible. We're not taking a chance with our car this time. We're parking off campus and taking Uber to the stadium. Tailgating won't be as much fun, but our car will be safer.
  9. Joe, the collective opinion of the group I was watching the game with agree with you. Nothing for us to lose if we don't make the 2 and, if we do, it forces ECU to make the extra point to win. It may not seem like much to some, but I think it shows a coach and team that are giving ALL they have.
  10. It's probably worse than hell to be an account rep for USF football these days.
  11. I have Lot 6 and we tailgate in Lot 6D. I'll swap with you! PM me and we can work out an exchange.
  12. It seems the band is not consistent this year in when and what it plays. The first down song was really inconsistent last night. To me, that's a great tradition that I'd like to see continue. Of course, it's competing with the PA prompting the crowd to say "first down!". We should have one or the other. And why are there so few members this year? It seems like the numbers have been steadily dropping over the past few years.
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