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  1. I know he isn't 100% so missing some burst, but he clearly has good vision. I was impressed.
  2. Been looking for four club access tickets to this game. Holding hope and go Bulls!
  3. This was the exact sequence of events I expected. Wasn't overly worried. I figured he would get a new contract after this season but definitely was sped up with all the coaching vacancies this offseason.
  4. yea, i always expected so much from Price. I am happy he ends is career on such a high note and hopefully can add a few more TDs before all is done.
  5. I know late notice, but wife can't make it so looking for a single ticket if anyone has extra? I will be tailgating around 12:30 on north side of stadium.
  6. yes and no i great qb elevates everyone and will attract top recruits but coaches have to develop solid exciting offense also(unless you are alabama) i wish white wasnt playing in this particular game on a short week What is the big deal about him playing on the short week? He only played a minute on Saturday and the rest of the O only played 10 minutes, they should all be fresh.
  7. At this pace will it really matter to have White in the 2017 season if the football team is disbanded? I am sure CWT played him because he has seen more than enough to know that burning the red shirt is the best option for both White and the team for not only the remainder of this season but the future. If White does show promise then at the very least fans have something to look forward too and this may help in recruiting. When skippy played Eveld in Miami it was about trying to save his job, CWT has no need to worry about that at this time. Plus how many more games can we have where the poor defense is forced to be on the field for 42 minutes? If White develops we will get QB recruits to follow him. Lastly, CWT is showing that he will stand by his words and put players on the field that will help the team win. He wants playmakers. I am just surprised it took so long, White should have been in this game after the second "drive" where thankfully penalties gave us our only points.
  8. OMG, here we go again! I hope he is using us as a stepping stone, that means he wishes to be successful and advance in his career. +1 Can't wait until we are known as THE place to come because you'll soon be moving on to a great promotion! +2 i never said us being a stepping stone was a bad thing. it means he would be doing something positive here +3
  9. OMG, here we go again! I hope he is using us as a stepping stone, that means he wishes to be successful and advance in his career.
  10. Andy Drukarev â€@StanfordRivals I've confirmed that #Stanford outside linebackers coach Lance Anderson has been offered the #USF DC job. He hasn't decided whether to accept
  11. I do not see why not, although it will help if we start: 1. Winning, 2. Winning easily.
  12. it doesnt matter who the coaches are USF will not be locking anywhere down in recruiting until the stadium and trophy case are full. Evidently someone isn't paying attention to current events. yea, if we recently locked somewhere down in recruiting I certainly missed it. Catch up... Taggart has been here only a few weeks and has already gotten 5 commits along with a flip from Minnesota on a great local CB. Low expectations. No offense but 2 JUCO's, a non qualifier, a QB whose best offers were Eastern Kentucky and Marshall, and a Minnesota flip isn't locking it down. Only Godwin has any other good options. When we are getting the best out of an area you can call it locked down. And that isn't happening until fans actually show up and we have shown we can win something. Do you really expect him to lock down 4 stars in his first two weeks after our season last year and the BE implosion??? Really?! I agree... REALLY?!
  13. I don't see why not, it isn't like we went WKU route and hired Petrino!
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