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  1. Q getting dicked over by his hc. I feel like Trestman has some directive from the XFL to push Murray, since he's local and in all the promotional materials, etc. Even giving him Q's 'moment' on 3rd and goal. Literally the only explanation with as poorly as he's played today.
  2. Lmao! The 'knuckledragging comment' again because of context was clearly not relating to race, the fellating comment not ..homophobic? (lmao) for the same reason. Intentionally obfuscating and projecting your own bigotry is fun! Stay in Florida and ******* drown in 40 years. Youre worthless.
  3. Jesus christ is this whatTampa has left. So glad I left. Florida was a ******* mistake. Happy up here in Seattle, WA.
  4. Maybe not the intent, but think before you ******* post. Racist tropes are pretty well known and when you post monkeys dancing as a criticism against an incompetent coaching staff that happens to be majority poc, you make yourself look like a fool, not whoever calls you out.
  5. White helmets are fine. The last two white helmets we've had are fine. Between the entire USF typeface on the helmet and having 'south florida' written out in generic font on our jersey, it came off kind of FCSish. Really missing UA right about now but I understand Adidas is paying the bills when they wouldn't.
  6. This thread is the best. I'd love to get CSH in a bowl game. Kick his ass.
  7. So much stupidity in this thread. The Big East routinely had three to even four teams in the top 25, and one or two in the top 10/12. The Bulls play in the FBS, not the Football Championship Subdivision (old 1-AA).
  8. Is it saturday yet? Let's get a conference road win not against SMU and we'll revisit.
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