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  1. His brother is a dude, committed to Notre Dame already.
  2. I, for one, am a huge USF fan and Alumni, I'm also a high school football coach for a team that's 11-0, state and nationally ranked and happen to have a regional championship game on Friday night. Ironically, our school (CCC) also happens to have 3 guys USF is highly interested in that would of gone to the game otherwise. One of the three happens to be one of the top Juniors in America, CJ Cotman. Point is, you're correct- USF fans should show up; however, there's some high profile high school games being played and that will make a dent in the amount of casuals (aka, the people USF is trying to attract) that show up.
  3. Next Friday is round 2 of the Florida High School Football playoffs. There's 8 or 9 Hillsborough county teams remaining and I think 14 or 15 teams total still playing in the Tampa Bay area. I've no doubt there will be a good turnout, but it's a shame this game isn't on Saturday.
  4. Charsibb- Every 2 years, each high school in the state of Florida submits their total student population to the FHSAA. Once the FHSAA verifies the numbers, the FHSAA starts working on putting every team in a Classification, a Region and a District. The state of Florida has 8 classifications which are based on school size- thus, there are 8 State Champions every year. Now, some schools- like Tampa Jesuit only accept boys- because of that, if their enrollment is say 600- because it's an all boys school, for classification purposes their enrollment is doubled, so they would be listed as having 1200. Once the FHSAA releases their "tentative" classification and district assignments- each school has the option to appeal the decision based on travel costs. Based on the appeal, the school can elect to move up 1 classification or down 1 classification. It is also at this point, that teams can elect to go Independent- meaning, they can play a full football season, but have elected not to join a district and thus are not able to go to the playoffs. For information sakes- a high school football season is 11 weeks long and each team is required to schedule at least one "bye" week. I'm not including Kick Off Classics (preseason games) or Spring Games (Each HS can play 1 full football game in May). Once the final classifications are released, there starts to be a difference how Public and Private schools work. For sakes of keeping this Tampa/USF related... For teams like Jefferson, Plant, Armwood- they have little to no power to create their own out-of-district schedule- the Hillsborough County athletic director's office does that. Now, they can put in a request to play a out-of-area team, but those requests are usually denied based on cost concerns. Private schools can play whoever they want, whenever and wherever during non-district weeks. They simply raise the money and off they go. That's why you'll see Tampa Catholic/CCC/Jesuit play a team from Ocala one week, a team from Tallahassee the next week and host a team from Miami after that- but if you look at a public school, they rarely leave the Tampa area. Basically, for out of district games a coach will contact various schools around the state and say "Hey, do you know anybody with an opening in week 2"- if the two schools have an opening they'll usually send each other film from the previous season and make the determination if it's worth scheduling that specific team. Lastly... at the High School level- each contract lasts 2 years (although 1 year contracts do exist). They are for 1 home game and 1 road game. If you ever want to piss off a high school coach- try breaking the 2nd year of a contract when they are listed as the home team....ooohhh boy! In terms of IMG, they are listed in the FHSAA as an independent school- they have no intention of ever being granted a district because the school's purpose isn't about winning state championships. So, they are required to schedule all 10 games on their own, without any assistance. That is a TON of work, and now they are adding a JV team. The upcoming 2014 season is the 2nd of the 2 year contracts, meaning after the 2014 HS football season- classifications and districts will be updated.
  5. SanJay- I can't link the TBO article that does a much better job explaining than I could; however, his coaching tree is massive and includes the same Coach Weiner from Plant that most USF fans were stoked for when he signed on for a day. He also has ties to the NFL as a former assistant under Monte Kiffin when he was with the Bucs. For clarification sakes, the topic is regarding Coach Weinke at IMG- when I referred to "pipe dream", I should of speficied that if USF was going to grab a high school coach to come in, then Dom Ciao would be the one I would hope they'd go after- but it's a pipe dream due to his age, and desire to stay at the HS level. But, if events could happen to where he could end up at USF, he would make a huge impact- not only in player morale but also education off the field, obviously- his on the field accmplishments speak for themselves. Charsibb- Regarding IMG's schedule- a lot of the schools that scheduled IMG, put them on the schedule under the assumption that "Oh, they are a first year program- we'll play them for 2 years and then drop them when they get really good". A great theory in practice; however, after the schedules were set, IMG announced they had signed Bo Scarborough from Alabama- as soon as that happened- all the talk began about how it wasn't a good idea to schedule them. The only team that beat IMG Academy this year, fair and square at 100% was Jacksonville Trinity Christian Academy- but, JaxTC has about 11 BCS D-1 guys on their roster and is widely considered to be a top 25 team in American (all classes) next year since they return 9 of those 11 guys next year. I think it's a great question regarding Chris Weinke to the college level and hopefully USF- but, it's a question- I, for one, think will be more meaningful next year, when none of these schools (except CCC and JaxTC) would be willing to play them again and thus are forced to go out of state 8 weeks out of a 11 week season.
  6. Coach Weinke is a very good coach for IMG Academy. They are still working on the main athletic football facility and they are starting a JV team. He doesn't talk to much to other coaches outside what is necessary to schedules games for IMG and the salutations before and after a game; however, I seriously doubt he leaves IMG unless there's money being thrown his way. He's also about a year away from needing IMG to start scheduling out-of-state games because nobody in Florida will play them. When high school contracts are up after this year, IMG is going to be in a world of hurt scheduling wise. Consider this, when he introduced Winston, he was wearing a IMG jacket- not a FSU jacket. As a proud USF alumni, I'd love to bring in Weinke; however, the ultimate pipe dream for USF for a QB coach would be Dom Ciao at Berkeley Prep.
  7. As part of the staff at Clearwater Central Catholic, I think he's a great choice for USF. I won't comment anymore than that though.
  8. USF/TCU would be a good rivalry, as it was TCU that snapped our 21 game home winning streak. Brian Fisher played his heart out. Following year, TCU has a 11 or so home game winning streak snapped by USF in double OT on a missed extra point, that was not seen since the TV cut to the news. If I had a vote, I want TCU.
  9. I tend to agree with you. USF dug deep, and came back to grab a lead in the 4th quarter, it didn't work out this time. Gotta love the effort at the end. The reality of the matter is, there was a lot going against USF this evening, and it SHOULD of been clear we were going to struggle. Lets give PROPS to Pitt for making the necessary adjustments and having a great gameplan. We were ouchcoached at the end. Give credit to Pitt, they made the adjustments they needed to, to score in 3 plays. USF is on the up and up, 5-1 is still a heckuva record, and we aren't out of the Big East race yet. USF won't drop from the top 25, high 20's, but not out of the top 25. It's a long season, 99% of all college teams will have 1 setback. For now, it's time to get healthy during the bye-week, focus on working our corners, and get back to work against 'cuse. GO BULLS!
  10. In the past two seasons, a lot of highly ranked teams have been knocked off by unranked teams, we see it every week in college football. So, lets take a moment in our moaning and groaning that we didn't win by 50,000 points, to say, "Hey, we won. We didn't get upset like so many other teams have." UCF played their guts out, they made some plays, and made a helluva game out of it despite being outgained in total yards by a hefty margin. This is the current defending conference USA champs, and a team thats only lost 1 game at home, in a heavily contested game against Texas. USF now can add their name to the short list of teams that have walked into BHNS and won. Yeah, we have problems, and yeah it took overtime, but lets look at the whole..we went 4-0 against UCF in a 4 game series. It also goes to show, really, how good USF is at home. Now we have Kansas coming to town, I think you'll see a 100% different USF team. The fans will be here for USF, and we'll be playing in our own backyard. So, lets just take 1 moment and give a loud 4-0 GOOOO BULLS!
  11. As important as it is to start looking for Grothe's replacement, isn't it nice to know that Grothe will be here for 2 more years :-D
  12. Yes, Jock Sanders went to St. Petersburg Catholic. Kinda saddens me to hear this, but I don't know all the facts either. I give Jock the benefit of the doubt, he's not a trouble maker, I tend to think he was in the wrong place at hte wrong time.
  13. For years USF has run the read option, basically where the QB hands the ball off to the RB on a sweep, if the end overpursues, the QB holds onto the ball and takes off. The key to the play is great blocking up front, for USF the reason is hasn't worked is because the blocking schemes aren't getting the job done against the bigger more physical teams. Oregon won the game in the trenches..its kinda like cutting the head off of a snake, the body eventually dies. Oregon knew coming into the game that USF's defense is fast, fast and fast..so, how to do combat speed? Especially Florida speed? Simple, mis-direction. It worked all night for Oregon. Fake a handoff one way, and pitch it elsewhere and boom 8-9 yards. As far as why USF themselves couldn't stop the read-option, thats simple..our defensive line was outgunned all night against their- Oline. Again, the key to the play is great blocking, and thats exactly what Oregon had. As far as the offensive play calling goes, I did see a few things that were wrinkles..we did attempt to throw a screen to Ben, but he was blown up, we did attempt a double end around which worked, but TJ fumbled. For USF its all the little things that went wrong. A lot of things to work on during the offseason, but at the same time, both teams will be legit title contenders next season.
  14. You can bash all you want, but without Grothe USF isn't in the sunbowl, and doesn't get to #2 in the nation this season. A lot of work is going to be needed on the defensive side of the ball against stopping the run. It seems like whenever USF runs into an average RB on the road, he has a big game. Grothe threw some INT's, but he didn't cost us this game, but it does show he has a lot to work on this off season, and mechanics and decision making need to be at the top of that list.
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