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  1. Good news from the St Pete TImes Forum for all NFL fans that will be at the USF WVU basketball game Sunday: The St. Pete Times Forum prepares to host Big East NCAA Basketball when the University of South Florida Bulls take to the court against the West Virginia University Mountaineers, Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. Immediately following the game, the arena will convert to the AFC Championship Game Party Zone, where the game will air on Lightning Vision, in Shots Sports Bar and on all arena televisions. All patrons in attendance for USF game are invited to stay to view the AFC Game. Shots will offer a 50% discount on all food and beverage including beer, wine and mixed drinks during the AFC Championship Game.
  2. It was awesome to see the USF band at the lightning game tonight. The crowd gave a great cheer when the PA announced the bulls were playing in the sun bowl.
  3. I dont believe in college football! You show indisputable evidence to overturn the touchdown on the punt block and I will show you space alliens and the lockness monster!
  4. UCF really looked lilke they didnt want to be on the field in the second half. They just stood around on one of the Amarri punt returns in the second half. Yea they really suck but its even more pathetic when you just quit.
  5. I think Selmon is one of the most classy people in the Tampa Bay area. He has been a great asset to our university. I also love the food his place ;D
  6. Every game USF plays is a statement game that shows we belong. Beating the crap out of the next to teams will make great statement to the people of mouse town.
  7. I really think that Stan Heath has a chance to be special. He comes in with a great resume, coaching with Izzo on some final four michigan state teams, elite 8 with Kent state, and a couple of 20 win seasons and ncaa tournament apearances with arkansas. He has said all the right things so far. I think he has a pretty good group of players this year. I totally expect USF to make the big east tournament this year.
  8. As Leavitt would probably say who cares we have got to focus on FAU!
  9. With exception of the superbowl, what is the highest attendance at ray jay for a event?
  10. I hope they win div I-AA... I mean the sub division
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