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  1. Yeah that's right, could've sworn the refs were going to say Carlton Mitchell stepped out of bounds while he tightroped the sideline. Classic Grothe moment.
  2. +1000 Was in the student section and it was utter chaos. Saw Ben running towards us with the ball, unreal moment.
  3. Yeah, knocked him out of the 07 game. Their backup (White) actually almost won the game for them. Their offense was incredible, unreal to shut them down like we did for 2 straight years.
  4. Didn't know where to put this observation, so will whack it here. REALLY liked the look of the Clemson offense down the stretch vs Ohio State, they let their future NFL QB run a LOT which suits us. Excited to see if they upset the fightin Burrows.
  5. Youngest coordinator in college football. Take out the DC and the average age of our staff so far is what, 30? Gamble to go so young? Like that CJS's dad is going to be advising. I think we could be ahead of the curve here with this youth. GOOO BULLS!!
  6. Saw this too. Although they probably say that about every coach from that regime.
  7. This guy is the real deal. Don't think I've been this excited about any coach hiring. Was not onboard with Strong hire at all. It's a relative crapshoot taking on a coordinator with no HC experience but we have gone the other way and failed 2 out of 3 times. GOOO BULLS!!!
  8. Love the thought but it's like anyone else who is offered more money, better facilities, higher profile etc - be difficult to turn down.
  9. Rodney Adams, Quinton Flowers and others on Twitter really eager to lead the resurrection of this program. Great to see this passion. EDIT - my tweet embedding skills are lacking. Rodney Adams @rodney_adams87 · 3m I want to bring the program back to where it need to be! @SpotTheBall_9 @USFFootball @USFAthletics we need that swagger back. #bullsnation #usf #usffootball
  10. And then this: Pat Forde @ByPatForde Can confirm earlier @DanWolken report that Charlie Strong and staff have been dismissed at South Florida, per sources. 8:24 PM · Dec 1, 2019·Twitter Web App
  11. Saw and subsequently lost the tweet whereby they were speculating that the next hire is already on staff, offense specifically.
  12. It's happened. That 'acceptance' thread can be shoved where the sun don't shine. Better days ahead!! Gooo Bulls!!
  13. Best case, win an ugly, low scoring, mistake-riddled game. Strong still goes after. Can't win by too much or we risk keeping him!
  14. Got me, didn't check it, thought he went quiet after SMU game for a while. Point remains, if Strong comes back next year I've lost all faith in the AD.
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