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  1. Nick Roberts clearly has wronged you in the past. Didn't hold a door open for you? Turned down an autograph maybe? Rejected your love proposal? He continues to start for a much improved good defense and is a weapon on special teams. Ronnie Lott is not available in the portal, sorry.
  2. I'd agree with the consensus that Temple followed by Memphis will be our two best opportunities. Probably the 4 best teams in the AAC right now outside of SMU, and we get 3 at home with the rivalry game being 2 hours away. It sets up pretty nicely for us, if we can get win on Thursday against Temple it might be the start of a bit of a run.
  3. Too right. Math. Well have to imagine almost certain no bowl means the can for CCS.
  4. Agree with all except last point, that's been missing for years.
  5. Best player on our defense for a long, dark period.
  6. Like the guy but he's not a capable D1 head coach.
  7. Holtz tanking the program came at the absolute worse time realignment-wise and we have never really recovered the fanbase. At the height of our most recent success with Flowers we still couldn't draw, embarrasingly enough. It will be TEN YEARS since we fired Leavitt in January 2010, and I don't think we've made one competent hire since. Taggart was brought in to install a smashmouth big 10 offense which looking back is laughable now, he had to completely change his scheme to keep his job then he bolts at the first sign of a new offer. Holtz and Strong speak for themselves. Obviously Strong's contract is a back breaker, but we have to decide if we concede the rest of the season. I think Kelly lets the rest of the season play out but do we keep Strong if he somehow wins 2 of the remaining 5 and makes a bowl? I don't envy Kelly's job, but he has to make a decision after black friday that might immediately put the fundraising efforts in a hole but will be the best long term.
  8. Huge. Will be a new fan of whatever team he lands on (crossing everything for vipers).
  9. He was part of the now legendary RB class below. The talk when he declared was that he was a mid-rounder not on talent but on depth of the position. Thought it would be a good class but nobody expected this good. Anyway, Colts are a great franchise and drafting Nelson has been huge for Mack. 2017 RB draft class: 4: Leonard Fournette 8: Christian McCaffrey 41: Dalvin Cook 48: Joe Mixon 67: Alvin Kamara 86: Kareem Hunt 105: James Conner 119: Tarik Cohen 143: Marlon Mack 182: Aaron Jones 249: Chris Carson Undrafted: Austin Ekeler Undrafted: Matt Breida
  10. Per Joey on Twitter, suspended again for this week.
  11. So good for the USF brand too. Also, not a transfer. Chose to come here right out of high school (with some late recruiting period Taggart magic).
  12. Well this thread was a ride. Love Ford (and ragging on CCS) as much as the next guy but nobody has a clue what the context was around this, reserve judgement until we get details.
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