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  1. That was great. Best offense, best QB, best 2 RBs, best DT, best LB, best uniforms USF has ever had. Was so exciting to see an offense built around that speed.
  2. Joey said coaches didn't know about it until 5 mins before game. How is that possible?? Last minute disciplinary issue, academic maybe?
  3. See, I may in the minority here, but is he really that great at recruiting?? No 4 stars or even close to it have signed since he's been here. Saloman was our last one under Taggart, I think Flowers as an athlete was higher than anyone Strong had brought in. Not overly impressed.
  4. Good thread. Roped me in. Tie a bow around his career.
  5. Since Joel Miller was, allegedly, punched in 2009, this program has been for the most part crippled by leadership. We've had Holtz, Taggart and Strong. Aside from a player revolt under Taggart who was forced to change his system, we've had sloppy, underperforming, flat teams who occasionally surprise but for the most part disappoint. Now the Taggart years ended up going very well, no thanks to the goat, but Tags left us right at the critical point when we were going to take that next step as a program. I have no doubt if he didn't go to Oregon for that 1 year, we would have at the very least played in the conference championship and gone undefeated, and if he had left for FSU after, we would not have been saddled with Strong. Point is, Strong is clearly incapable of leading this team. He had 251 days to prepare for wisconsin, and the first thing he says post game was he failed to prepare them. Since he had taken over, from San Jose St to now, its been flat, uninspired, sloppy play that's gotten worse each year. Whether we fire him now or later, he has to go if we are going to grow as a program. The next hire is absolutely critical, let's copy the mickey mouse script. Go young, offensive minded and exciting. That's where college football is now, match that with florida speed and this conference is there for the taking, as it always has been. This has been cathartic, thanks.
  6. We seem to have a knack for doing this recently. The program puts in a TON of effort into promoting this game, getting word out, finally pull a decent crowd in and absolutley lay a MASSIVE egg on national TV. It's absolutely crushing to any fan momentum, especially in this city. We look absolutely flat and have done since San Jose State 2017.
  7. Today we need to play with the giant slayer mindset, how we forged our name nationally back in the day. Goooo Bulls!!
  8. You must think that every transfer that comes into a program works out 100% of the time. Studsill could be a good player but he had 4 tackles last year and 18 in 2017, not exactly Ed Reed. Could step in and be helpful for depth, but I wouldn't roll out the red carpet and ticker tape parade yet for any of these guys. And once Sawtelle went down last year, we could not stop anyone. I look at that over what big P5 schools these transfers are coming from, and not getting into the starting line up at.
  9. What a roller coaster of a thread. I was about to comment on the attendance malaise about half way in, but reading the rest of it now makes me ready to SMASH THROUGH A BRICK WALL!!! I was there for Auburn, WV, FSU in 09, Miami etc. We will shock the country again.
  10. Mentioned this another thread but traditionally, this is a matchup nightmare for us. Melvin Gordon took us to the cleaners a few years ago, granted we were a deplorable team back then. Most power teams seem to have big success against us at pounding up the gut. I remember the Big East days with Pitt and Rutgers having success with it. Anyway, I think our hope lies in outscoring Taylor. We do that, we got a chance.
  11. Exactly. This is the worst kind of match up for us defensively and power has given us fits historically. Think Melvin Gordon in our first match up (181 yards), Rice, even those old Pitt offenses and Shady McCoy. Taylor could be the best of the bunch: https://sports.yahoo.com/wisconsins-latest-star-rb-could-be-one-of-the-greatest-of-all-time-035932519.html Only hope in my opinion is if the offense can keep up which means comfort with the new scheme game 1. If so, we might be able to really surprise them as we have talent at every position.
  12. I'm probably in the minority here, but was not totally convinced by Barnett last year. Tried to take off running after his first read waaaay to often for me. Now that could be down to poor line play but he seemed to be pretty nervous/stiff back there. If he struggles with that again this year, how long before the coaches look to McCloud could bve critical to this season's success. Also, back to the subject, always hilarious how prediction threads consistently devolve into the 'we're going undefeated' types vs the 'can't possibly make a prediction without seeing how they are in live action' crowd. For me, I lean more to the latter but for chits and giggs I predict a 9-3 with upsets over Wiscy and UCF. Schedule falls nicely for us especially late in the season this year but I still see a Cinci or Memphis loss along with GT and somehow a BYU/Navy in typical USF style.
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