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  1. LewSFBulls

    Patriots Are Sore Losers (except for Eric Lee)

    Somebody's a Pats fan.. Thanks OP for posting. Good to see!
  2. LewSFBulls

    SI: What Was the Best Game of 2017?

    One of the best games I've ever seen. Course we were all disappointed at the end however that's the best I've felt coming off a loss maybe ever. People will remember that game and therefore both schools.
  3. LewSFBulls

    AD Harlan Interviews with Arkansas

    To me the bigger loss would be Harlan here. Some don't like his basketball hire(s) with Antigua going pear-shaped. But I think he has done more good then bad and we need a little stability here. I'm still impressed how he drummed up that attendance for the Cinci homecoming game. Need more of that effort for each gameday.
  4. LewSFBulls

    USF switching to Adidas?

    If this is money related, fine, but the uniforms the last couple of years have been excellent, by far our best ever. Miss the green and white helmets from last year too. Can't believe we would want to change if it's style related.
  5. LewSFBulls

    Q we love ya brother!!

    Played his best game on the biggest stage. It's so rare to see a world class athlete so incredibly locked in. It takes your breath away. Some programs never have a player like that. Thank you Q.
  6. LewSFBulls

    Congrats UCF KNIGHTS!

    I know some are bitter about this defeat. However we played our best game of the year, in the biggest spotlight. I think we hugely increased our profile, twitter was ablaze with this game. Folks saying it was the best game all year long. Also our best player played his best game on the biggest stage. He was utterly magnificent to watch, and UCF still won, which means (as we all know) they are WAY better then 15. It's funny, Flowers doesn't have that signature big win like our past QBs, but there is no doubt he is our best PLAYER in history. Look, we lost to our rival, with the biggest stake on the line. We miss yet another championship game, UCiF are likely to play in another glorious bowl, I'm crushed. But if we were going to lose (and trust me I used to take losses harder then most), this was the way to do it.
  7. LewSFBulls

    It's GAMEDAY!

  8. Biggest game in our history, no doubt. If we win it, the next game will be the biggest. If we win that, the next game will be the biggest. Win out, and we've won the 3 biggest games in our history consecutively.
  9. LewSFBulls

    What they don't know about USF football

    Auggie Sanchez has his faults but he will be a HUGE miss next year. He's been a great for USF.
  10. I know, do we really need another thread, but I feel this deserves solidarity. 3 TOs. Back going back to Tulsa 2nd half. Ball on 30ish, and we KNEEL. What happened to the killer instinct from last year?? Gave Tulsa all of the momentum going in at half, boos ringing out, USF heads hanging. Even Q looked befuddled. I simply dont get why we don't attempt 1 play at least???
  11. LewSFBulls

    Bright side?

    Tulane. Hell of a comeback they almost put together.
  12. LewSFBulls

    OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    The biggest thing for me is the wastefullness. Last year we were trying to score every play. So many throw away plays this year. Even the TV announcers said as much, if no coaching change Q would have been in the Heisman discussion, so many more TDs etc.
  13. LewSFBulls

    How hard is it to change

    Sad we can all see the problems but the man in charge can't/(won't?).. I doubt the argument that 'the players aren't executing' is an excuse anymore. By the way, saw our 1st pass over the middle that I've seen in about 3 weeks. First down to MVS. Sooo much that we could do to challenge a defense.
  14. LewSFBulls

    4th and F'n 24!!!!

    Could not believe the lack of game awareness. Although should have realized when we run our offense without reacting to in-game adjustments. When you have a top 5 NFL pick at nose, DO NOT RUN DRAW PLAY 95% OF THE TIME. We are not smashmouth, we are speed.
  15. LewSFBulls

    USF had this coming all season.

    We run draw play on 1st down 95% of the time. Not hard to gameplan against when you have talent. Offense has been so vanilla. Matter of time before our wastefullness caught up to us.