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  1. Must be it. Seemed to take away a dimension of our offense. There was some suspect playcalling, especially a sweep on 3rd and long if I recall.
  2. LewSFBulls

    Final few minutes of first half

    I had no problems with calling TO's to get the ball back. Although this was the one where Wilcox I think has it go off his hands. Still think you have to try to score if you have the timeouts with this offense. I also thought briefly that the Illinois defender was going to take it back, think Eric Mayes makes the TD saving tackle on the sidelines.
  3. LewSFBulls

    Next five weeks

    Beloved McMurphy has us in at 24.
  4. there wasn't a single wide reciever/bubble screen pass, even attempted. (correct me if I'm wrong, but if I was they were extremely minimal). Wonder what the thinking was there? Maybe the coaches saw something in the tape during the week. It's been such an integral part of our offense since Willie went to the GCO.
  5. LewSFBulls

    Blake Barnett

    Was going to say the same thing. Read somewhere (no link sorry) that the knock on him when he was with Bama and AZ State was that he struggled with going through the progressions.
  6. LewSFBulls

    Blake Barnett

    He looked lost out there sometimes. But showed moxie when it mattered.
  7. LewSFBulls

    Best game this year

    Watching that game felt like I was having a lobotomy. Final score doesnt look great considering Illinois is a BAD team. However must concede that we showed grit once again in the 4th quarter against a P5 team. And defense was terrific second half.
  8. Supporting from the as always.. Gooooo Bulls!
  9. LewSFBulls

    Five Question Friday

    1. Wr 2. Incredible arm 3. Took off running early a little too early a bit often against GT 4. Rum 5. 25
  10. LewSFBulls


    Back to OP, I think his confidence must have taken a knock at Texas, I mean they did lose to Kansas. I wonder if now after a year of winning under his belt and looking at the shambles Texas is in, it must be a morale booster.
  11. LewSFBulls


    Rooting for GT to do well the rest of this season to boost the profile of this win.
  12. WVU 07! My birthday. Student section was immense. Saw Auburn same year but nothing tops watching Moffitt crossing the goalline in RayJay.