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  1. Soooo yeah, I definitely ordered mine today and put the @ not knowing it was implied. Can you fix that for me?
  2. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer where I get my oil changed and where I buy my eggs to be 2 totally different establishments. Costco is the exception to that rule, however. They've cleverly figured out a way to put lipstick on a pig by charging an annual membership fee, which I gladly pay. Generally keeps the shoeless hobos from farting on my broccoli in the produce aisle before I consume it.
  3. When I lived in Lakeland, aka Publixville, it was the best option. Obviously better than going to Walmart to get groceries. But I'm also smart enough to know/see through all the publix **** sucking that goes on in lakeland, and here on tbp. To be honest, now that I'm gone I feel like a former Sea Org member of Scientology, that finally saw the light escaped downtown Clearwater. I'm just worried that Puc has become so outspoken that Publix is going to now declare him a "Supressive Person", and try to ruin his life. Unfortunately for them however, you can't kill what's already dead inside. It's like trying to kill a stripper... What's the point.
  4. In 2008, I saw Puc attempt to reverse his own circumcision in protest of our poor in-conference play. Whatever move he makes, always know it is one MILLION percent genuine.
  5. A BIT suspect? You are as dillusional as Gilbert. Wait.. Maybe you ARE Gilbert.
  6. I really want to convince myself we can find a way to win.. But I can't stop picturing Ed Oliver looking at our offensive line the way Amy Schumer looks when she pulls into the parking lot of Golden Corral on all you can eat prime rib night. Tulsa put consistent pressure on BB all game while rushing 3. We couldn't block 3 guys... with 5 guys....against TULSA.
  7. If you have Dish, add the "regional sports package" for $13/month. Gives you the big ten network, and all the big ten alternate channels. I'm in lower Alabama, and it was pretty easy to figure out.
  8. Blake? Is that you? No need to hide behind this burner account, we welcome you with open arms.
  9. Ain't one of their players got sickle cell or somethin? They better back the f*** up before they get smacked the f*** up.
  10. Can't make this stuff up. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a son named Duke at the end of September... This is yesterday's ultrasound picture. I've bled green and gold (and awesomeness) for a long time now, and it's nice to see the apple isn't going to fall too far from the tree.
  11. Kiffin and Davis are very good recruiters, but it's not about them, it's about the schools. Usf and fau/fiu are just punching in totally different weight classes. Plus, any recruit with half a brain in their head knows Kiffin will only be at fau for a year or 2 anyways.
  12. Just like there is a massive drop-off in recruiting talent from uf/fsu to usf, that same drop-off is just as big or bigger from usf to fau/fiu. They really aren't our competition...and if they are we may as well fold up shop.
  13. Doubt it. Florida is completely saturated with top talent year after year, why would he need/want to? Not to mention he already has relationships with Florida high schools.
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