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  1. Listen, just be honest and say you've stolen our money and invested it all in Beanie Babies, or Garbage Pail Kid cards. We won't even be mad at this point. Wait... You're not an African princess by any chance are you? If so, you also still owe me some money from a few years ago.
  2. I'm not saying this is a pic of Puc and I, but I'm also not NOT saying that.
  3. Agreed. I dunked a basketball on a 3rd grader last week, totally dominated. I'll probably be on an NBA roster by this time next year.
  4. Oh yeah. Just think, we could win an AAC championship and then turn on Telemundo on December 21st to see us play in the WhoGivesAShit Bowl. Far more prestigious/memorable than beating a top 25 team from an actual power conference in front of a national TV audience.
  5. Really hope not, they're both married. Wouldn't be right.
  6. I prefer to call them "fantasies", or "hopeful wishes". Doesn't sound so glass half empty.
  7. Silver lining... Every thing is lining up perfectly. Judy is gone, Strong is certainly getting fired, and Leavitt is currently unemployed and ready for his glorious return home. Liked Judy, but she would have never let him come back.
  8. Any* money. You guys can fight all you want, but poor grammar is where I draw the ******* line.
  9. Soooo yeah, I definitely ordered mine today and put the @ not knowing it was implied. Can you fix that for me?
  10. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer where I get my oil changed and where I buy my eggs to be 2 totally different establishments. Costco is the exception to that rule, however. They've cleverly figured out a way to put lipstick on a pig by charging an annual membership fee, which I gladly pay. Generally keeps the shoeless hobos from farting on my broccoli in the produce aisle before I consume it.
  11. When I lived in Lakeland, aka Publixville, it was the best option. Obviously better than going to Walmart to get groceries. But I'm also smart enough to know/see through all the publix **** sucking that goes on in lakeland, and here on tbp. To be honest, now that I'm gone I feel like a former Sea Org member of Scientology, that finally saw the light escaped downtown Clearwater. I'm just worried that Puc has become so outspoken that Publix is going to now declare him a "Supressive Person", and try to ruin his life. Unfortunately for them however, you can't kill what's already dead inside. It's like trying to kill a stripper... What's the point.
  12. In 2008, I saw Puc attempt to reverse his own circumcision in protest of our poor in-conference play. Whatever move he makes, always know it is one MILLION percent genuine.
  13. A BIT suspect? You are as dillusional as Gilbert. Wait.. Maybe you ARE Gilbert.
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