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  1. Can't imagine anything earth shattering will come from the meeting. Pesonally, I have no problem adding any of the following: ARKANSAS ST. UTAH ST. NORTHERN ILLINOIS BALL ST. SAN JOSE ST. KENT ST. TULSA They're not great in name. But their performance over the past couple of years has been good (albeit in weaker conferences). TV market wise... meh. ----- Do you think they could come out with a new revenue sharing plan to attract [or maintain] teams? I'm not talking about the really sweet deal that Boise/MWC did, but maybe something that would sweeten the pot?
  2. "Big East says San Diego State prefers it to Mountain West" http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/1/10/3859378/san-diego-state-mountain-west-realignment Reports: SDSU considering MWC vs. Big East, decision by "end of the month" http://www.mwcconnection.com/2013/1/9/3854368/reports-sdsu-considering-mwc-vs-big-east-decision-by-end-of-the-month
  3. sorry but south tampa people that are influential don't send their kids to plant. That is pure unadulterated BS. There are people that live in flippin' Avila that send their kids to Plant. You know a lot of stuff, this is not one of them. I'm often in South Tampa, and 99.9% of the collegiate plates are UF or FSU. Plant's parking lot is filled with cars that I may never be able to afford.
  4. I bet the Glazers made a call to the Harbour Island Mafia
  5. Let the South Tampa paid him conspiracies begin...
  6. Maybe this is for the best... he could have hated the job and left in a year. Now, maybe he can put in a good word for Willie and USF and send us a recruit or two without being on the payroll.
  7. LOL really? Is he going to the mountain west conference?
  8. oh yeah Tulsa! http://espn.go.com/blog/bigeast/post/_/id/41350/next-big-east-expansion-targets
  9. Interesting find. The chart in the link you provided has us at 53 and UConn at 52. Was there another link somewhere in the article. I don't UCF ranked at all on the chart. It looks like Pittsburgh is number 65, not UCF. According to the article, these rankings are for the 2011-12 season. With that in mind, it wouldn't have taken into account our 3-9 record this year and conference mess, so we probably dropped. --------- The chart just shows a ranking of selectively chosen universities. Not all of them in order. Try this one for the interactive chart. The interactive chart you are linked to if for 2011 evaluations. The one in the first link is for 2012. The value represents what the price of the program would be to a buyer. --------------------------------------------------------- Imagine if the top 14 schools formed their own [big Money] conference: Big Ten/12/Independent Division Michigan Nebraska Penn State Ohio State Notre Dame Oklahoma Texas SEC Division Tennessee Florida Arkansas Georgia Alabama LSU Auburn
  10. This bowl, coupled with the other BCS games, are snoozers
  11. Oregon would have been a better game than ND.
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