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  1. A generous offer! We're up in 222 though. Maybe next year.
  2. Won't be there until Sunday, but we will arrive in time for the pep rally and happy hour
  3. Well, I guess it'd be silly to ask where to watch a replay of the game...
  4. LooKing for 4 extra tickets for my family that is coming in town. Trying to watch costs so will trade men's basketball tickets, cash, whatever you want to work out. Please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Was also in El Paso for the game but didn't know about the party.
  6. I dropped the ball on this one. I got rid of our tickets because we have had plans for a while on Saturday night for my fiance's birthday. It just hit me that this game is on Saturday afternoon, and not 7pm. That's what I get for not checking the schedule first....
  7. Absolutely sickening. I'm glad the fundraiser met the $40,000 goal in only 15 hours...
  8. I was 11 when we started playing football....but have had season tickets for four years now.
  9. Don't see it either. But, we seem to have this topic weekly.
  10. As far as job postings go, I've never seen too much on there. Haven't heard of the job search coaching. Not sure if that would be worth it...
  11. Let me know by 1pm and I can transfer it to you. Sec 222 Row O (second row in section)
  12. You can tell he's getting frustrated out there. We need him to step up and be a leader of this young team.
  13. It's crazy how much rents are in Channelside. I inquired at a few places and 1/1's (other than Bell Channelside) are all around $1,500.
  14. Some highlights here (well, highlights for GM), but does include the final shot. http://www.atlantic10.com/mediaPortal/player.dbml?&db_oem_id=31600&id=3129627
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