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  1. Skip holtz didn't just leave us with a crappy team. He left us with the ugliest uniforms in the big east and maybe the whole NCAA. Our best uniform was leavitts last year/skips first year. Will Taggart fix this issue?
  2. yes yes please add me to that list of those who wish somebody would send mea link to stream the game
  3. That's too bad. The Big East should have added UCF. Perhaps then our athletic department would start demanding an on campus stadium in order to stay competitive with them in recruiting...both of players and students.
  4. No beer at a baseball game, now thats just un-American...what kind of communist scheme is Aramark running at our baseball stadium? It's bad enough I can't buy beer at beefs until five...but now this!?!?!?! I'm writing my representative...unacceptable.
  5. +1 :lmao and by the way? War Flamingo, y'all! :laughingnew ;D WAR FLAMINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The video doesn't bother me too much, it's just ignorant and annoying... However, the comments following the video are rather disturbing. What is wrong with some of these people?
  7. Seems pretty fair. Not a bad prediction, personally I think we will go 2-1 in this stretch with a win against Natti and Rutgers and a close loss at WV. We play the Fighting Mullets of WV better at home then on the road. Wait a minute, I'm confused I thought that we are playing the fighting mullets on September 11. I see what you did there!
  8. what are the chances that we can hire John Gruden?
  9. as far as recruiting goes...FSU was bigger. But for our season overall, definitely WVU. We need to win our conference games more...
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