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  1. I have a total or four tickets up for sale for the MSU Game. I'm selling for $40/each. Face value of $50 PM me if interested.
  2. I have a total or four tickets up for sale for the MSU Game. I'm selling for $40/each. Face value of $50 PM me if interested.
  3. I think the student athlete wins. The 3rd rule passed was a postseason ban if school not academically fit so now these kids get to go to college on a four year scholarship with some extra cash in their pocket. If they don't work out in the field instead of the university just cutting them and picking up some other kid, they still have to get them through college academically or the team might not make the bowl game. for most kids if they realize the football thing will not work out, they might start thinking about what they really want out of. Olmsted instead of leaving for the ufl or something like that. We win because now every university has to hold on to that kid that does not work out on the field for longer so other teams can compete for some of the better talent. This will lead to parity in college football. Who can argue with a system that can potentially create parity while ensuring these kids get a better chance of getting a real higher education
  4. Does anyone know how much the HC, OC, and DC make at the other major Florida schools and how that compares to USF? Do you think we will be able to match them within the next 5 years? As good as the staff seems to work together, I think we will have to be able to pay those three positions in line with the other major Florida programs to maintain the coaching staff for any extended amount of time.
  5. The Good: Balanced offense, disciplined defense, great kicking and special teams. Just about everything you can ask for this early in the season. Overall the team is a lot better although we have a lot to work on if we we want to win the BIG EAST and maybe a chance at the NC. Bad: We need a long term solution for BJ Daniels' hamstring. He has come a very long way with the offense and his leadership but none of that matters if he got no legs to stand on. Maybe a better stretching routine or just stop running altogether. I will leave that up to CSH The Ugly: The Weather and Brian Kelly's impression of CJL.
  6. I expect a tough fight with ND, with us looking very disciplined on both offence and defense with the exception of a sloppy OL and loose corners on defense. It doesn’t matter the we didn’t win, we will gain lots of credibility from the voters and retreat to an easier schedule to continue to build depth and stay healthy. We enter big east play firing on all cylinders, beating Pitt, UCON, UC, and Rutgers before having our annual "Oh shucks we let that one get away" against Syracuse. No one will see it coming but we will be ranked and get a little too excited about possible national championship game. Lingering injuries on our OL will also play a role in the loss but we will “Finish strong†We finish off the season with wins against Miami (just after the NCAA comes out with their investigation findings and benching hall of their starters) and Louisville. We then have another epic ESPN game against WVU with the winner crowned the BEAST champs and a long shot for a nation title game (which will not happen of course). The big thing we keep hearing from the coaching staff all year is leadership, building depth, and staying healthy. This will be key for us for our first BCS Bowl game win Vs (of all teams) FSU in the orange bowl. With Miami on the death penalty, and Florida on the skids, USF emerges as a real force in the state of Florida. Before now it was still up for debate. Key developments throughout the year…BJ finally becomes a leader of the offence. With a better grasp of offence and more help, he can be more selective about when to run and when to pass. Speaking about running, Scott will be a beast, but suffers lingering injuries mid-season. Now worries, cause 2nd and 3rd RB will step up to the challenge. Our defense will be ranked pretty high, with our seniors getting a lot of attention nationally. Recruiting spikes and we land a couple 4 star recruits that makes the future of the bulls look great.
  7. Gave it a C. Grading it on a curve Vs Conference and state rivals. We did OK but clearly we still have a ways to go. I do think that our coaching staff made the right picks for the team though. they will all fit in well and make a huge difference in a year or two Go bulls
  8. I say we go with White Helmets for all non-conference games and gold Helmets for Big East Matchups. With no special exceptions, not even for key games such as our brewing Thanksgiving rivalry with Miami. This would keep things in perspective for all our conference games. Every player and every coach will know that once we are playing in gold helmets the expectation is a lot higher.
  9. there are two #7 on the team http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=37330&SPID=2981&DB_OEM_ID=7700&ATCLID=3662327&Q_SEASON=2010 #7 Ryne Giddins is on the "all hands" team. (hopefully the link works)
  10. I say we end with a 7-5 record this year. Our defense will show the same passion they have in the past but with a little more discipline so we will neutralize any team that is not a high offense power house. Our offense will show the same mediocre play with flashes of genius it has in the past but with a little more discipline to run the clock down and score enough points to beat any team that is not a high offense power house. Our special teams will show the same unpredictable performance but with a little more discipline to control field position, help run the clock down, and neutralize any team that is not a high offense power house. Teams that are not a high offense power house Stony Brook Western Kentucky FAU Syracuse * Rutgers * Louisville * Connecticut * there is a chance of an unexpected big win (my money is on Miami)
  11. Does anyone think it make sense to redshirt Gunsby this year, since we have no chance of winning the Big East this year, start taking snaps as a Sophomore, and have him groomed to replace BJ in about three years as a Jr. That should give him lots of time to really understand the offense and grow as a team leader by then. I thought that was the Plan for BJ before MG went down. Why is that any different now?
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