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  1. Jihme

    4th and F'n 24!!!!

    because we're not that good
  2. +1 to both comments, unfortunately
  3. Jihme

    Member Map

    Chicago on the map
  4. Anyone know of a place to buy the helmets with the usf logo that looks like an American flag?
  5. Jihme

    Timetable on payouts?

    We will be paying FOR dogie for the next 20 years at least! I'd be curious to hear the thoughts from our new AD about how he plans to use the cleared up capital - beyond the obvious of paying our current head football coach's buy out. Probably to make up for our negative income while operating a failure of a football team.
  6. Jihme

    OCS News Update

    You're dumb. I hate you. Your mom is ugly. OCS now!
  7. Jihme

    "Pig 5"

    it doesn't matter how they perform against the have-nots; they're still going to get a ton of money from their contracts. you guys need to stop worrying about how we do against those teams because we're still going to be left out. none of those guys are going to be embarrassed after a loss when they hug their huge piles of cash.
  8. the pics for items aren't loading for me online. anyone having a similar problem? i don't live in the area, so i can't stop in.
  9. FYI - the bookstore is the only place I've found to have the legit correct colors. other retailers in the area have similar ones that have slightly different coloring.
  10. authentic replicas (not suitable for game use) are around 140 and available int he bookstore. i believe they have the gold ones and the white ones at full size. if you're looking for a game-used helmet, then the only way you'll find it is ebay. i have a few replicas and a game used one and that's the only way i was able to obtain them.
  11. Jihme

    USF vs Indiana delayed?

    $500k is pennies for the Big 10. They make millions per year each just from tv, let alone tickets and merchandise.