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  1. Miami. The new and old "U" UCiF we could play if we just want to pick on someone haha... wouldn't be a rivalry though.
  2. Looks legit. Show's how much respect they have for USF... Time will give respect i assume...
  3. I owe a dinner to a girl if USF looses... she owes me dinner if UF looses... I could think of worse either way haha
  4. Please tell me I missed the thread with some amazing USF vs UF photo shop work... I would take a crack at it, but yet again I am without photo shop... Bull spearing a gator? Who's got [photoshop] talent? haha
  5. Good sign tickets still available from USf athletics twitter: But remember, RJS only hold 65,857 (unless its the super bowl at 75,000). 60,000 will be a packed and crazy crowd.
  6. We are all sitting on that ledge... we just have to do everything we can to help out Thursday. The team needs to be ready and hopefully the kickers have all been practicing a little in the past 2 weeks...
  7. As USF fans... love them or hate them... we have been riding on the coat tails of the Bucs and Glazers for a while now. You can't say that RJS isn't a cornerstone of our successful program.
  8. Not a bad idea... all you need is one of those spotlights and a cut out.... can't be that expensive. You would think the TSA/Glazers etc would install LED lights to make the stadium glow at night. It's cheap (in comparison to a lot of other things they do) and LED's can change color depending on the event or team (like the suntrust building). It's good to get the atmosphere feeling charged...
  9. It'd look even better if the Sun Dome got a nice bath some time soon. Look for that bath when they finish the expansions listed in the master plan... whenever that is... I like those LED lights... I wonder how many it would take to light up RJS though!?
  10. Yeah, a drive down south dale mabry (before gandy), macdill, bay to bay, etc.....and you'll see oodles of "Go Plant" like signs. You'll probably only see "go bulls" like stuff coming from small businesses that happen to be ran by alumni, or have a bunch of alumni employees. It's be wicked cool if USF would invest some money into some high powered LED flood lights, you could turn the outside of Ray Jay COMPLETELY green for under 20k. $20K? I guess we need to start a pool...
  11. Ok, so we have the suntrust building green and gold wed and thurs... so what else can we get ourselves into? Saw spotlights active in a bullsvision video... they look pretty cool/super bowl like... Any other ideas?
  12. I sent them a comment on the website. Told them they should sell USF shirts too! http://www.columbia.com/men-activity-collegiate/men-collegiate,default,sc.html?prefn1=activity&prefv1=004
  13. Oh... btw... if you find the real Columbia USF shirts... let me know! They are so hard to find!
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