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  1. Godfrey is in fact the real deal. I am just hoping GOL doesnt find some way to F this up. Seriously, the ten year contract has been a noose around this program in so many ways. Up and down rollercoaster seasons, players dead, the constant F you attitude towards the fans. There is a real sense of anger and frustration running through the fan base that even the players are starting to pick up on. Calabrese is a great kid who is feeling a lot of the frustration from the fans and it quite frankly isnt fair to him. UCF is in need of a complete coaching overhaul and bad. The only one worth keeping is David Kelly for all of the recruiting work he has put into Miami. The only way this program gets going back in the right direction with GOL at the helm would be a CUSA championship and Liberty Bowl win this year.
  2. Apparently, you've never been over here. It's pretty nice. Plus we've got players making MEGA $$ in the NFL.
  3. Do we really need to pull out the lists and compare? Here is all you have to tell a kid. "Asante Samuel and Brandon Marshall"
  4. Because a smart kid realizes that USF isn't Texas, Alabama or Florida and isn't winning a national championship anytime soon. UCF gives kids an earlier chance to play and better connections to the NFL. UCF was one of only six schools with multiple Pro Bowl players.
  5. We're a lock for the St. Pete Bowl, prestige wise CUSA doesnt really offer anything better except the Liberty Bowl. Us being bowl eligible may mean that you're paroled from the St. Pete as we can certainly sell out that game and USF wont be needed to sell tix. However, ESPN does like our matchup so maybe they'll put us both in.
  6. For the most part every school has their share of bad apples, UCF and USF included. It's just that UM seems to be overrun with thug fans that have absolutely no affiliation with the school. UF has a lot of unaffiliated fans too but they don't behave like what I saw yesterday.
  7. If you guys did get Charlie Strong I can guarantee that KeithTribble would be unemployed the next day
  8. I think most of us can accept the losing its the losing with the F you, I dont care attitude that is making us insane!
  9. If you polled 100 knowledgeable and sober UCF fans at least 80 of us would trade the success you've had for whatever you want to call this (O'Leary's Tenure) in a heartbeat. The frustration here is growing to epic proportions and its not just with the results on the field. Although that alone would be reason enough. During Friday's Lunch with George he referred to all internet message board users as losers and cowards. Refused to answer a question about his 0-6 record following bye weeks because the questioner stated that he read it in the Orlando Sentinel. Stated that the only reasons we do things like blackouts "is to sell t-shirts to you dumb people." Picked on an undergrad in the front row unmercifully because he couldnt repeat something George had just mumbled. In other words GOL has basically just been saying "F" you to our fanbase the last year or so because he knows we can't buy him out. The ten year extension and $5m buyout was the biggest mistake UCF has ever made.
  10. Let me clarify, its not the UM students or the older boosters (we encountered both yesterday and they are fine) its the other 95% that comprise their fan base that are for the most part non-college grads from South Florida who are the worst kind of bandwagon fans, very trashy. The mall was so destroyed after the game it was unbelievable. We've had sold out games with tons of fans from USF and Texas and in no way did the carnage compare in any way shape or form. Its just flat out disrespectful to come onto someones campus and leave it looking the way UM fans did. I may dislike USF and want to beat you guys on the field, but I respect the good work that USF does as a university and would never think of leaving one piece of garbage on your campus just as I am sure the majority of you feel the same towards UCF.
  11. And not on your campus. They have by far the worst fan base in this state, the cliches are accurate a bunch of thugs who left our campus an utter disaster. I'll be pulling for USF in any future meetings with Miami. They are a complete disgrace.
  12. Thanks for the classy replies. O'Leary is dragging our program down into the tenth level of hell and because of the buyout we are unable to fire him. The apathy among UCF fans is getting really bad and the worst part is that I don't think the AD really cares. 2 things we've learned that I hope USF doesn't repeat. 1. You need Alums in your AD. We have almost zero working there and that leads to a lack of accountability, big time. 2. Never hamstring yourself with any coaches buyout, its not worth it.
  13. Congratulations. There is clearly a Big 4 and you are a part of it. I no longer blame your program for not wanting to schedule UCF, we are irrelevant. It hurts so bad to see what our program could have been if we had just made the right decisions along the way. You guys have made the right moves and your reaping your rewards, best of luck.
  14. Thought I add a few thoughts from the UCF perspective. First, I despise GOL and hope we can jettison him as soon as possible. I agree with the posters that feel he is holding UCF back. Unfortunately, UCF has an institutional inferiority complex that prevents some of our leadership from believing that we can do better than GOL. Also, I have a feeling this years team will be improved enough 7-5 maybe to save GOL's ass for another year. Unfortunately, that does nothing to propel us to where we could possibly be. Regarding the series with USF. It was a lot of fun from a fan perspective. Both road games in Tampa were just all out great tailgates even if the second one was a bit on the early side and the game on-campus this past year was a blast. I wish we had a bigger stadium so more USF fans could have attended. Throwing out the scores the USF games were a ton of fun and what makes college football so enjoyable. However, I can see how the BCS vs. Non BCS thing changes the discussion. For UCF its a fun game against a nearby school where the schools and fanbases have a ton in common. If we win, its awesome bragging rights, if we lose well it stings and we move on. For USF its more meaningful from a program perspective in that you cannot lose as every somewhat decent BCS team has National Championship aspirations. This sucks a lot of the fun out playing non-BCS 1A OOC games. We've got a bunch of games with FIU on the schedule but instead of looking forward to some road trips to Miami many of our fans are dreading this series because GOL seems to have stagnated us and FIU seems to be improving. So, I can appreciate the USF viewpoint. Hopefully its a moot argument and we'll both be members of the same conference one day. Until then, I'll enjoy our basketball series and remember the good times during the football series.
  15. I haven't bothered to read any of the thread. Just wanted to stop in and say congrats on the great win! Good luck the rest of the way.
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