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  1. The short answer is "yes" if you are lucky enough to have USF hire you. Anywhere else and results are expected. But at USF if you lose, we have to look at your buyout to decide. If you are at USF and you fail to adequately address issues of racism in your program (allegedly), then we have to look at your buyout and then we might even extend you. Heck, I'd imagine that CJL might have survived the choking incident if it happened at USF now. USF is a sanctuary city, errrr.... athletics department.
  2. Nah, its just all of the underperforming leaders in the athletic department are all the same and hard to differentiate.
  3. There are potential options that too - and while I am not a Kelly fan, I'd prefer to see him stay in the role but adjust; and then there are clear, immediate opportunities for fundraising that only take vision and effort.
  4. There is a pretty lengthy list of capable and likely available replacements for Gregory, and no I am nowhere near on that list.
  5. For every one of these examples there are 100+ where a losing coach is just a bad coach. But the point is valid in that we are less patient now as a society, and especially a sporting society. But as it relates to USF, four years is enough time to try and field a .500 team in conference (he is 23-46 in the AAC), and more importantly is that the program is in a nosedive. Maybe if there was an upward trend I could understand the argument for keeping him, but the most common reason mentioned for retaining him is the $435k buyout, not because anyone honestly believes USF can with the AAC with him.
  6. When you are incapable of generating the revenues necessary to compete in your conference (for each of the last 2 years USF in last in the AAC in revenues), these are the results you can expect. And when you realize that you have the wrong guy leading a program you have to ride it out. The irony here is that when you leave cancers in place to burn your programs to the ground revenues will only continue to shrink relative to your peers in conference. You cannot save your way to growth.
  7. Mohl is an a great spot. Great weather, nice payday and a boss who doesn't hold anyone accountable.
  8. With Gregory rumored to be offered an extension it should make it easier to recruit, and would put to bed any speculation around where he stands in the investigation.
  9. Our company is paying employees $100 to get vaccinated, but no word yet on how they are going to handle return to work: Do you mandate employees get the vaccine to return to work? For those not allowed to return to work because they refuse to get vacicnated, can they use that as a ploy to indefinitely work from home? If I am vaccinated and you allow people who are not, back into the office how is that going to be safe? If I come back and get infected is the company liable somehow? Its alot for organizations to think through.
  10. Have we improved the QB position? I need to see it on the field before we can say that.
  11. Next season will be very interesting - new players, coach on the hot seat, etc. Will it be successful or not is a different story and look forward to seeing how this plays out.
  12. Well, ESPN is the one of the big facilitators of the Super League, and they were also the one that initiated the demise of the Big East. If it makes them more money - and ESPN/Disney want more money - and they can convince their business partners that it will make them more money, then anything possible. Whether a forced relegation is ultimately part of a tiered DI football set up will likely determine how much widespread acceptance there is for that kind of product.
  13. Conferences would go away. But you are right, it likely won't happen unless the greed just goes to a whole new level. And even then the P5 elite wouldn't even consider relegation. They'd leave the rest of the NCAA to go figure it out - not their problem.
  14. Well, the Top 44 is alot better than the Top 64 which is what the P5 is today. Moving into 3 tiers of 44, while allowing from some movement between tiers, would lead to significantly more money for most of those in the P5 today. The bottom of the P5 would (e.g. Vanderbilt, Rutgers) get relegated but they would be in the minority. For the Super League being proposed in soccer, those 12-15 clubs are going to dictate the terms from the rest of soccer. The upper crust of the P5 could, and likely will, do the same. If there is more money to be made, the elite schools will find a way to make it.
  15. Actually I think its the other way around. The proposed Super League is taking a page out of the P5 playbook and banding together for more money, kicking lesser clubs to the curb. If anything I'd like to see College Football take a traditional European soccer approach and include relegation. If you took the 130 FBS school and added 2 from FCS (for a total of 132), you could have 3 tiers of 44 teams, where the 4 best teams from each tier move up and the bottom 4 from each tier move down. This would give schools the opportunity to move up based on performance.
  16. It will, so long as a smaller, less physical line up will get to the line. Otherwise FG% will play more if a factor.
  17. Our baseball RPI would put us 5th in the ASUN and MBB would have been 3rd in the ASUN in the NET rankings. Moving to the ASUN would likely be a level most of our sports could thrive in, and Kelly would absolutely love the reduction in travel costs with 4 other ASUN programs in Florida. The ASUN even announced earlier this year that they are going to introduce FCS football in the future, so it could be a soft landing spot for our football program when we get left behind by P5 expansion in the next 5 years.
  18. Maybe we are in the wrong conference.
  19. ESPN has Collins as their #76 ranked transfer in the portal. Yetna is #103 and Durr is #118. With over 1,000 players in the portal having 3 players in the top decile hurts. None of the incoming transfers we have landed are listed.
  20. Its a weak look because its a weak program. We've only had one home game against a P5 team in the last 4 seasons (Boston College). Be happy that a P5 team is willing to play us in our own area code.
  21. I think its more likely that you would forget you posted this than forget to forget the season never happened.
  22. Its 1 non-conference game out of around 15 - let's see what Kelly can do with the rest of the schedule before we get too bent out of shape. I'd rather play Auburn at Amalie, if playing their was a deal breaker, than Elon at the Beer Dome. We were going to play LSU at a neutral site last year and we've played Kentucky down in Sunrise before (and returned that trip to Kentucky), so a neutral court game against an SEC team is nothing new, but at least this time its only 10 miles away from campus. Kelly has built up enough currency with me to not be second guessed on scheduling, and without seeing what the rest of the non-conference schedule it looks a little premature to start whining about it.
  23. This will really impact programs who do a great job of identifying and developing overlooked talent. By not having any deterrent for transferring, some of those players then can make the jump to bigger/higher exposure programs. I'm glad to hear that this will be limited to one transfer per student-athlete while the are an undergrad, but this is essentially a form of free agency for student-athletes for the sports where this wasn't already allowed. Hopefully it won't be to the level we have seen this off season.
  24. I hope you are right. Making a bowl game in Year 2 would be, without a doubt, progress.
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