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  1. I've had my seats for 9 years now, had just assumed that since they hadn't announced an increase that the per game price would be the same.
  2. So, we have 6 home games instead of 7(started with at least) and prices didn't change? That's a bummer.
  3. He left the coffers bare at ECU when he left as well.
  4. Those are last week's committee rankings, Stanford should be out after their loss to WSU.
  5. The only black the marching band has worn were pants, shoes and gloves/hats. Both old jackets (99-07 and 07-15) were green. Athletics has decided to take any black out of all uniforms. *I take that back, there were some Drum Major jackets that were black, but that was only 3-4 out of 300+
  6. Found a way to Toronto, so I'd find a way to a far away bowl game. Doubt it would happen for a regular season game though.
  7. Isn't it still the dead period for recruiting? Interesting time for a scholarship offer...
  8. He had trouble all game cutting on that turf... I guess they didn't pack a different pair of cleats?
  9. Amazing that one of the games on Saturday(maybe Ark St. vs LA Tech?) had cameras in the pylons, but we couldn't get one decent angle on a play that could've changed the game. All the non-calls were ridiculous too. Lots of holding late in the game, no PI on a big pass late in the 4th...
  10. Why would they post it on the bowl event page if they didn't want anybody else to go?
  11. From a band alumni, it was a pretty disappointing event. It was mostly just the cheer squads and bands there, and the bands only played for about 10 minutes a piece. Even with that, the event ended about an hour before it was supposed to.
  12. Wish they had the teams on it, I wonder if the commemorative tickets will have them.
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