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  1. Publix on Brandon Blvd still has their press as of yesterday.
  2. You're the person at work who loves hearing themselves talk when everyone else just wants you to shut up.
  3. LOL You pull a Wikipedia article and reference something from 25 years ago LMAO!!
  4. What are you talking about????? We are USF, he represents everything we aspire to be!!!!! He is in!!!!
  5. Try telling that to the big time boosters like Mr Ramil and Mike Charles and see what they say. They will always go with ethics. That is what USF stands by and will continue to stand by. Now if you become a big time booster like them you can have your say of how USF should run things. When was the last time you talked to Ramil or Charles??? My guess is never!!!!!!!! Stop talking out of your a$$ like you're in the know!!!! All you know is jack squat!!!!
  6. He represents everything USF is!!!! Hire him now!! He is in because I say so!!!!
  7. I'd love if we got Pearl. Little too much drama with the scumbag comments. It's clearly obvious that I'm being sarcastic and impersonating a resident member who overreacts on a regular basis.
  8. Didn't you hear??? Pearl is a scumbag and does not represent the USF way!!! No way we hire him!! Even though I have zero knowledge of the situation I guarantee it!! And I love over using exclamation points!!!!
  9. So Daly if Pearl was the USF coach, would you stop being a fan of USF hoops? I would turn into Vega II and call for Pearl's head since day one. No worries though because I know that USF is not interested in that type of person. Never has and never will be. USF would have to find a lot of currupt boosters to change that mindset at USF. USF has boosters that pay tons of the bills and they are big on ethics at USF. Noone will change their mind. Sorry. This has nothing to do with me and if you call for a coaches head from day 1 then you are in a category all your own. I stil
  10. You are right!! Pearl is a scumbag!!! Judy and the boosters will NEVER hire a guy like that!!!!!! He does not represent the USF way!!!
  11. Pearl is NOT a scumbag. He's a great MBB coach that made a minor error at UT and is redeemable in my opinion. He is the only one you list that I think is worthy of redemption. USF needs redemption as well, so it's a match made in............well, made in somewhere other than heaven. Why dont you ask the Univ of Illinois about Pearl when he was an assistant coach in the BIG TEN? I am sure they would laugh at you sticking up for him. Also ask Boston College. He is not to be trusted and he has burned a lot of bridges. And if the big time boosters would not give Huggins the time of da
  12. Greenshaft with some very harsh words for the basketball team “It’s hard to tolerate mediocrity,†Genshaft said. “Especially with a university that’s on the move and everything else is moving forward except for our revenue sports. I’m really confident about Willie (Taggart) moving forward, but we’ve got to get basketball going.†Genshaft then paused before clarifying she meant men’s basketball, as women’s basketball has a chance at a second consecutive NCAA Tournament bid pending a decision on Sunday. Laughing, she referred to the men’s basketball team and made
  13. Hopefully Harlan throws USF fans a bone and fires Heath soon. The sooner the better. Hopefully tonight is the last USF game I ever have to watch him coach.
  14. Was watching on BullsVision. Who was that person? No clue, and no disrespect to him, but that was a very strange and awkward moment.
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