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  1. going up for MB from Big Blue Nation! Heart still bleeds for USF!!!! Hope all gets straightened out for everyone.
  2. Hey there Cousun Ricky, Hope you heard us yelling all the way from the Blugrass!!!! Glad they televised so we could watch.
  3. Watching from Wildcat country. After many years we have moved to Lexington. Still love the green & gold!
  4. Go get em Q!!! Wishing nothing but success for you.
  5. STAMPEDE!!! Enough is enough. Called TBT & complained.
  6. Lol That sure would have got a rise out of the USF side of the stands!
  7. He wears #8, good number!!! He’s going to be a valuable player next year!
  8. 12 Helmets in the background & USF helmet is up there. Getting some love.
  9. I see CWT as average. My question is he seems to stay in a place to turn a program around in a positive direction then bolts. He doesn’t finish what he starts. Gets a team close & then poof he’s booking. I really don’t think FSU is that kind of place. The alumni will not put up with “almost”. If he takes the job it will be interesting to watch what happens. His chickens could come home to roost if he fails.
  10. Our crew of 2 not going. We made the Tulane trip our splurge for the year. Plus haven’t seen the daughter & grandkids for a year. Will be in NC that week before. Timing for the game is not good this year for us.
  11. Watching Stanford versus USC and ESPN flashed on the bottom ticker on the screen that Charlie Strong along with Taggart were candidates for the FSU coaching position don’t know how much truth there is in all of it but that’s what they are now saying.
  12. Is there anything official on CWT taking FSU? Or is this speculation?
  13. FOX13 just now Two people with direct knowledge of the decision say Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher has resigned to take the same job at Texas A&M. Fisher handed in his resignation after a meeting with university President John Thrasher on Friday, according to the people who spoke on condition of anonymity because Florida State had not announced the move. Fisher leaves Florida State after eight seasons where he went 83-23. He led the Seminoles to the national championship in 2013, three Atlantic Coast Conference titles and four ACC Atlantic Division crowns. He will replace Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M.
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