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  1. Thought everyone would enjoy this article regarding the ACC vs Big East performance the past couple of years. http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/college/s_500271.html
  2. Does anyone know what the waiver would be based on?? Is there a sickness in the family? Would be interested to know if the waiver even has a chance of being granted.
  3. This is awesome news. My family and I will definitely making the trek from DC. I also have a couple of bud's who are USF alum's that will definitely be making the trip. I can't wait....it's going to be one hell of a tailgate and game! The entire country will get a glimpse of what USF football is all about. Especially if we've beaten Auburn and are undefeated by that point.....think of the free marketing / advertising of USF on the networks and newspapers!
  4. I missed it....what did Josh say? I hope we don't lose any commitments due to Dawsey leaving (i.e. Charlton Sinclair). Also, I really hope Mike Ford can get in for the Spring semester.