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  1. Brad, have these been claimed. I would love to use them.
  2. If I'm Temple I score again just because I can... our defense is garbage. Some of the worst tackling I have ever seen. Zero effort. I agree... have some respect for yourselves and everyone that never quit on USF.
  3. strong-like-bull

    GAME DAY!!!!!!!

  4. strong-like-bull

    TBP College Pickem

    In as Marcass. I don't think I can change my handle because of my other ESPN leagues. I think it would change them all. Thanks for setting this up!
  5. strong-like-bull

    Hyped up about SoFlo Friday 10/2

    Bullsfan27, Which Sam's club were you at? And was it actually soflo gear? I want to make a trip if so.
  6. Noooooo... kick it deep, stop giving up feild position
  7. strong-like-bull

    8 Years Ago Today...

    Even a professional lurker like myself can't ignore how far the current program is from where we used to be. The program had it, we were right there. Take anyone on, anywhere, anytime... Take no crap attitude, then back it up. Hell we preferred to do it in their house. To have it dismantled the way it was is a tragedy. The program will never build a bigger fan base if everyone that's graduated in the last half decade considers it a "losing program". Us old folks can't maintain this by ourselves... but oh the memories.
  8. strong-like-bull

    CFN Preview

    Didnt see it posted yet soooo... http://cfn.scout.com/2/1308000.html
  9. strong-like-bull

    is anyone in Syracuse?

    I've got 3 with me and it's disgusting here but it's in a dome so we tablegated at Applebee's, they don't do it like we do it back home.
  10. just wondering if anyone is in Cuse if so where are you?
  11. strong-like-bull

    Syracuse Trip

    We heard that when we got here, staying with friends. Near campus. We also heard there is almost no tailgating. Whaaaaa!!! if any USF folks want to meet up tonight or tomorrow shoot us a message.
  12. strong-like-bull

    Syracuse Trip

    Going up to Syracuse for the game, any tips? Food, Hangouts, Fun things to see ... Thanks Guys
  13. I've resorted to muting the TV. These announcers are terrible.
  14. strong-like-bull

    weather rule?

    Im going to assume at no point ND's AD will ever call this game.