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    USF what a joke.....

    AAC wil DESTROY us! This is the first time that "_____ will DESTROY us" is seriously meant.
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    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Their education is good. I got my MS from UCF. Good school. It's the fans, man. It's the fans.
  3. Win or lose USF represented well. Fun game.
  4. Grateful Dad

    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    I wonder how our fans behave on their board. Hopefully, not bad.
  5. I'm going to have to catch more games. This is fun.
  6. Fun game now! Temple can sure make those 3 pointers.
  7. I do "sit on the couch" very well! Brad, our football fans need to take that approach, as well.
  8. We need to keep the offense players out there to rest up the defensive players. Wait, wrong sport...
  9. This may not have been the best first game of the season to watch. Time for some more medicine...
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    Why some ucf fans are scumbags....

    Remember when they harassed Grothe on Facebook? Or pictures they posted making fun of Ben Moffitt's wife's looks? That fanbase is, for the most part, trash. I will say though that footn and the few that come on here aren't representative of them.
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    Amazing recovery

    All the best to him. The life lessons he will learn through this unfortunate event are invaluable.
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    Why Bell Will Create Offense Excitement

    One of those just might be our starter next season if CKB institutes a similar offense to his last one. And if CCS let's him do it. This should be a very interesting summer.
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    Why Bell Will Create Offense Excitement

    I'm excited about the hire, but he had a lot of success with a dual threat quarterback and an Oline. We don't currently have either as I didn't really see dual threat performance from our QBs. It's going to take a little while.
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    Bowl Records by Conference

    Hopefully, this is the low point in our program's history. We didn't win our crappy conference, but at least we are not 0-12.
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    Welcome CIHISI

    Welcome, CIHSI! Jump right in
  16. I long for the days, and there were many of them, when we had a dual threat quarterback. It is just an admission that we don't/can't recruit O linemen strong enough to give a pocket passer a chance. I don't care how good he is. If we can't give him time to go through his progression, he will be ineffective. We need to settle on one quarterback philosophy. I would opt for a true dual threat. I understand that at least one of our recruits is a dual threat quarterback. Good. I think Barnett is a good quarterback. But our line cannot give him enough time to show what he has got. So, therefore, our defense does more duty than would be otherwise necessary.
  17. Hear, hear!! I'll raise one for that! Love the optimism!
  18. That was not my intent, but I welcome the criticism. Never to late to learn.
  19. Some observations from watching CCS speak: I have heard comments from CCS (and, I think, perhaps others) about the administration's lack of support for the program financially. No doubt coming from Tx would seem like you left Disney and arrived in Weeki Wachee. He may have a point. I'm not an expert in Head coaches, but one who feels frustrated and unsupported and being blamed for failure while not being afforded the facilities and other support needed for success might lead to my second point CCS looks extremely uncomfortable speaking in public. It could be his personality, but having been involved in storied programs for a few years would seem to have eased him into public speaking. What I see when coach speaks is someone who would rather pee on a spark plug than raise his head and look his audience in the eyes and actually speak to them. I was a trades person for years and I know that some jobs are just nightmares. No matter what you do, the job goes south real quick and usually in front of the homeowner. Sometimes, you just wish you were out of this dreadful situation and anywhere else. I recognize that look and I see it on coach whenever he speaks. He is uncomfortable and dreads the chore of speaking to the public. Coach seems to blame a whole lot of others for poor performance. But what if he has been saying (or not saying) is the truth? Yes, he is top dog and it is his responsibility, but it takes time to weed out each barrier to success. Condemnation is a much quicker process than identification and remediation of problems. It would take you time to individually address and fix the problems. I'm not excusing, just trying to be reasonable by putting myself in coach's shoes. If he is clearing out the team of those who refuse to follow rules or maintain academic standards, then more power to him. My diploma from a Preeminent School means more than an AAC championship. Building it right takes time. Let's see if who we have been castigating on this board is actually doing what we want him to do. Just not in our time. He might have more class than to publicly identify a player, assistant coach, or administrator who is not 100% behind his vision of the team. He might not want to hurt their career by calling them out publicly, but would rather work in the shadows to remove them and possibly effect a soft landing for them. Certainly not an approach embraced by many posters here... I realize most of my posts are long, but I believe that my USF education has afforded me the ability to express myself much more adequately than the usual F__ CCS neanderthal grunts that some find intellectually stimulating.
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    Green AND Gold!
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    Thursday Weather

    I get this feeling that He might have the last word on that
  22. The team really shows up with fire and excitement. This will look like the team we all were waiting for! USF 35 to 17 Crunk McCans 537
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    Thursday Weather

    He might want us to build an Ark, though...