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  1. Joe Pesci was my father's doppelganger. It was funny as Hell later on in life people would stop him and ask him to do a bit. I watched that man try to put a metal garbage can through a driver side window when some kid was rude to us. He cried in frustration because he couldn't get to the guy before he drove away! Needless to say, I was a rather obedient child... And we received the same Betty Crocker cookbook as a wedding present 42 years ago. Still have it.
  2. Well, that's cool. A million years ago, I used to run cross country and track. I'm 5'9" and I would cringe when I looked down the line and saw six footers and over. I knew I had to take three steps to their one. With some bulk, he could be a good running QB.
  3. Sneaky...he can turn sideways, stick out his tongue, and be mistaken for a zipper
  4. Bry, I really appreciate your data driven posts.  Your approach to analytics is a welcome addition to the board.  Keep it up!:guinness:

  5. I believe that I am one of those people and look forward to moving on. I just need a reason and this coach looks like he could be it.
  6. I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I'd like to buy each one a Coke, and keep them company. It's the Real Thing.
  7. So, being in NE during the Winter, you are saying that you don't see it for four months???
  8. The poor guy. We have some good OOC games coming up, but other than that? Getting people excited about the conference opponents we have is a tall task.
  9. He wants a private life and yet is all over Twitter. He's a talented kid but he might look into some counseling. There seem to be a lot of issues in there.
  10. You were on hiatus from the board when the UCF AD called out any AAC team who stooped so low as to schedule 2 for 1s with big name teams. Between alienating his peers and alienating the rest of the whole world with that "we want Alabama" stuff, faux national championship, etc. no one would schedule them. I believe that you are seeing the decline of that program for a while. Florida or Alabama tried to schedule a 2 and neutral with them but they basically said that they were too good for that bad of a deal.
  11. Here, USF, I think you will enjoy the party with all of your new friends
  12. That's even better! Or block a defensive tackle.
  13. God, I managed to forget that up to now. I must have taken some steps to facilitate the lack of memory. Of course, age helps.
  14. I was so bad after a football loss to UCF one year I gave myself a few months suspension rather than wait for the authorities...
  15. Contrast bias. But, I do think that his personality and extroversion are just what is needed here.
  16. I will not get excited again. I will not get excited again. I will not get excited again. I keep telling myself, and yet, I stopped cutting off man-buns when I see them, I started driving around gopher tortoises, and returned the eight sports balls that were on my lawn from the scared neighborhood kids. I don't know, but I sense a change in me somehow.
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