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  1. I would never bet against the Yankees or the Patriots. I also wouldn't bet against Milton. These kind of stories are neat to healthy people but necessary to someone going through trauma. His recovery will positively influence many others who may doubt that they have what it takes to begin a long recovery. If all of these people loved him, then why, in the name of God, did they let him go to UCF? j/k
  2. Yup. My Grandfather was born in Sicily. You don't mess with the family or you get "paid a visit".
  3. I think it worked that time, Brad. Had to reset my password for PayPal. All my passwords are the same and I can't remember any of them! Well, they told me back in the '70s that this would happen...
  4. Well, it might be neat to see snowflakes in Tampa that early in the season! Actually this Texas thing is aggravating. I am of the school of thought that big name wins will advance a school's reputation better than an American Conference title. We lose two shots to try. Well, at least we have one still on the books.
  5. Carlton Mitchell WR BJ Daniels QB to WR I think these two qualify, unless I missed the point.
  6. We really haven't been around that long. I have flashbacks older than this team.
  7. That is a shame. Still, he accomplished in his career what thousands of kids can only wish for. I hope he focuses on what he has been blessed with and not only the trials. Good luck, JPP. We're still rooting for you!
  8. The old logo was lame, forgettable, and generic, so not much was lost in terms of history or significance. This little nugget could not been based on opinions from students but must be what they were told by the administrators who wanted it changed. This review must have been written by a UCiF student. Why I oughta...we need a mooning emoji on this interwebs thing.
  9. If that moves games out of the non-subscriber realm, it may not be good. The way this streaming thing is going, it is going to be as expensive as cable, but without the 567 channels with nothing on them.
  10. Let's try to remember that not everyone is as financially blessed as some of us. If 40% of American households were presented with an unexpected bill of $400, they would have to borrow money or sell something. I get your point (If everyone who could would we would be much better off). But many people who truly care about our program can't afford to attend and write checks. Some of them may be on our board and I'll listen to their complaining same as anyone else's. I guess it is up to us to put a winning product on the field. Build it and they will come.
  11. I understand, Bausfkid, but this was more than the local gardening club putting plants in the wrong location. The negative effects of "a group" project like this are financial, university reputation, and community goodwill. At this juncture of our university's life, we don't need handle ourselves like Central State to our Northeast. I don't want to see anyone fired (unless that is called for), but I would like to know as a supporter of our university that "fkups" like these have been addressed and won't happen again. This was a pretty big Oopsy.
  12. I was a supervisor of the testing program at HCC years ago. One of my workers believed that she could come in anytime she felt like it, disappear without notice leaving her work for others, etc. I documented, counseled, tried to work with her but to no avail. I took my documentation to my Dean and told him I wanted to start the disciplinary steps. He laughed (for real) at me and told me that wouldn't be occurring. I left not long after that. There is an aversion to accountability in the artificial world of the University system. If there were real supervisors with real support and authority, we could achieve great things. Good employees want to do good work. The whole culture needs to be changed. Oh, BTW, that poor employee is in management now at HCC.
  13. When does she drop it? I have been watching this thing for twenty minutes...
  14. Good for him! Great attitude and this was a great look at the daily struggle an injury can cause. Can't wait until he can return and I can swear at him again from my easy chair!
  15. I have been trying to keep in mind that this is essentially correct. I remember thinking, "I love the guy but he really isn't an X's and O's coach". We had some doozy OC's also. But he was a builder. He built not only the program, but had an uncanny talent for taking low star players and developing them to stars. Your last sentence pretty well summed it up.
  16. It probably should mean more to me, but I'm looking at this conference. Granted, we haven't won the conference. But to me? Big whoop. I'm one of those that won't buy a lotto ticket until it is some ungodly amount. I'm looking to play in the big leagues. I want USF to win every game, but I probably will be more excited to beat Wisconsin and GT than if we win the conference. And, I always get excited to beat UCiF. So, I watch to see my team do well against anyone, but, no. Beating SMU or Tulsa or Gaither high school doesn't do it for me.
  17. We could win the championship of this crappy conference year in and year out and no one would notice. Beat the big boys and you get their attention. Getting stuck in this conference is like we've been told to sit with the others on the couch.
  18. I think you might have hit on something. You are asking for measurable metrics and others seem to be offering context. You reject or devalue the context. I think we are caught in a loop
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