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  1. I have a feeling that had more to do with our one-dimensional offensive scheme. Rutgers pretty much handled us in the 3 games prior to BJD as well.
  2. Buy me a Slingbox. I'll hook it up to my tv and you can run it through your computer to your tv.
  3. Now that I've returned from my seemingly annual post-basketball, pre-football sabatical, I'll take on Pittsburgh again this season.
  4. Fell off the top of an RV in the mall parking lot before the Army game in '04. Got a rousing ovation from the first 3 rows of the lot when I peeled myself off the pavement. One week I successfully snuck in 4 beers in my cargo shorts. The next week I tried 6 and wasn't as lucky. Having a weekly goal of trying to make at least one opposing cheerleader irate or depressed. One instance being a cheerleader being held up and holding her leg in the air while facing the visiting fans. We chanted "turn her around" until she was facing us in the same pose. We then chanted "slut". One member of our group is the infamous "idiot fan" called out by MG in the paper for harrassing the Kansas cheerleaders.
  5. ****'s in the Brandon Mall has the UA polos the coaches were wearing at Fan Fest. I know for sure they had them in white and green, and I believe they also had a gold one in that same style. Be prepared to pay though, they're $70 there.
  6. They asked Heath about the remaining TO during the post-game show and he said something to the effect of being able to talk over their options because of the delay while figuring out the clock. I think he wanted to save the timeout in case they got trapped with no attempt at a shot what-so-ever, rather than take it after crossing midcourt then having nothing.
  7. guess its football season again Haven't seen it posted yet so here's a link to Greg's article from the first day of Spring Practice: http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/usf-players-eager-as-work-begins-for-new-coaching-staff/1080412
  8. Our basketball team hasn't been relevant since before we had a football team and look how many years it took to get football attendance where it is today. We can blame marketing all we want but at some point you have to realize that no matter how hard you try you aren't going to sell a product to people who aren't interested. We've done $20 all you can eat seats, we've done kids HS age and under get in free, we've done vouchers to football season ticket holders/bowl ticket buyers. The bottom line is that in this town the only way to get people to care is to win. Look at the attendance records of all three pro teams in town when they're winning compared to when they're losing. Even better, look at the attendance level of these teams during their losing years before they started winning and actually became relevant. Shoot, I went to a midweek Rays/Phillies game last season, a World Series rematch against a team that has a strong fan base in the area and there was maybe 9000 people there. Would we like for everyone to take as much pride in this University as us board members do, sure, but unfortunately thats not going to happen. All we can hope for is a string of success as we have seen in football and that slowly but surely the attendance will come with it.
  9. Other than standing, the majority of students in that one little student section rarely give any indication of being into the game, why would being behing the basket make it any different? At least the "blobs" in the Cabana are shelling out $45/ticket to be there.
  10. I guess you never heard Derrick Brooks speak about the Bucs D during their hayday. He use to say that all the time. I'm not a Bucs fan so I had not heard him say that, but theres a difference between the pros and college. In the pros you can do what you do, lose 6 games and still win your division or at least be in the running for a playoff spot at the end of the season. In college you can do what you do, lose to the same conference opponents in the same fashion as in previous years and be lucky to make a mediocre bowl game.
  11. Until the students start showing up in numbers that warrant the section being open the Cabana is a great addition to the Dome. The last 3-4 home games I saw a lot more people in the Cabana than there was people sitting in those sections before it was transformed.
  12. Its also more refreshing than "we're going to do what we do" which was another gem we heard on more than one occassion.
  13. Once again, working off of assumption, I would say its because its so new, there isn't such a disparity that there would be a need to create specific "levels". Plus, we rarely sell out our allotment of tickets for road games, so why would there be a reason to have a set up to say "if you don't have x amount of points you will not be eligible to request tickets for game x, y or z".
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