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  1. That is because Walt Walker and Zack Hermann consistently blow up the D-Line on that side.
  2. Game is at the Hilton Oceanfront Center in Daytona Beach.
  3. I thought the O-line played well against what is probably going to be the best D-line we play this year. The O-line can only get better with Capogna coming back in a couple of weeks and guys healing up. Ricky Ponton had a 100 yard game against North Carolina last year, I expect Mike Ford to eclipse the century mark for the first time as a Bull this weekend and #8 will be able to pick apart the secondary with relative ease.
  4. Taking to the road at 9 am tomorrow with RunningoftheBulls, Brick Bull and two others.
  5. Watching ESPN with all the college football coverage, I have heard the analysts talk about Noel Devine and Jock Sanders at WVU. I was thinking that the tandem of Mike Ford and Jamar Taylor might be better than the WVU frosh but underrated. I think a big fast running back like Ford would be the better back than a small light speedster like Devine. I guess we all will know who had the better collegiate careers in 4 years but for now whats your take?
  6. Going in to the season I think most would agree that Amarri, Taurus, and Marcus are the top three. After that It is hard to say, Jesse Hester played as a true freshman so I think he may have an early advantage over last years other redshirts. By the end of the season I think Carlton Mitchell will be a big time target for #8. It will be fun to watch the young guys develop and surprise.
  7. Impressive, especially since it will be televised and is on a friday night.
  8. That pic is great. A big difference between last year and so far this year is CJL seems to be a little looser with the media. Last year I think Leavitt knew how young and inexperienced the team was at the time and could see the potential of having a bad season. Wasn't it last year that CJL would barely speak with the reporters and would not allow his assistants to talk to the media? Luckily the team came together after the first few games and narrowly missed getting defeated by some awful just terrible teams FIU and UCF. Hopefully the public show of light heartedness and cooperation with the media is because CJL is more confident about the team at this time this year compared to last year.
  9. As stated on another thread, I miss sometimes and appreciate the correction. I probably left him off since he wasn't a "Letterman" in 2006. We've had a few OL threads and would appreciate any input from you regarding Hermann. He has great size, but don't know much after that. Go BULLS !!! He went to East Lake High in Tarpon Springs a few years after I did. I see him every once in a while at random places like the mall, publix and walmart. He is always willing to talk to a Bulls fan for a few minutes. I believe he turned down NC State and Louisville and others to come be a Bull. As far as playing football, I will let Zach's play this fall do the talking. If you want a preview and have a membership to Scout checkout the spring 07 board drills.
  10. How about Zach Hermann, he is gonna make some noise this year. He was set to start the spring game before he got injured a day or two before the game. Redshirt freshman O lineman get no love.
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