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  1. I'd rather see what the situation is before doing something like that. There is a good chance that they have a loss or 2 before getting here.
  2. Schlabach picked us. McMurphy didn't. Can't say I am surprised.
  3. Our softball attendance is pretty good. The softball "product" has certainly been worth more than $2 per ticket per game for a while.
  4. I always had the feeling that he was O'Leary's fall guy in that mess.
  5. Stan Heath deserve to get fired That is debatable. He took USF the farthest that any USF mens basketball has ever done. COA has destroyed what we had in the 1st ten games of his USF career. It has been a mess. This one is on Harlan's watch and it looks terrible right now. With only 3 returning players from last season's team you had to expect there were going to be growing pains. Some solid players are coming in next season
  6. Baylor should have been Baylor just blew like a 3 possession lead in the second half while TCU absolutely rolled in their game...? So because of TCU's bowl game they should have been in? In hindsight yes. In my opinion and I'm sure many others, after seeing how both played and how both games ended up TCU is the better team at this point. They lost to Baylor and head to head results should be a major determinant in rankings.
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