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  1. Ya, that was a great game between Cuse and Uconn. It sure hurts to be a Husky fan right now, but I am starting to recover. Never has a team lost the first game of its conference tournament and then gone on to win the NCAA tournament. Yet, how many #1 seeds had to play against a team as good as Syracuse. I was saying on the other board that Cuse was already in the tournament after beating Cincy. Well, now I think most would have Cuse as a lock. Looking at this from the bright side, this loss could send Uconn to the Western regional in Oakland, CA or perhaps Minneapolis. Both the Cuse and Uconn won national championships coming out of the West regional in 1998 & 1999. Syracuse had the added advantage of already playing Uconn twice. Uconn will likely start off in Philly and play teams no where near as good as Cuse. Then hopefully they'll go West and play teams that are unfamiliar with them. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cuse do well in the NCAAs. Feeling badly up here in CT. ARG !!!!
  2. Peope are always saying crap about Jim Calhoun. He is tied as tight as they come, but he does have class and would never say that about USF. Calhoun also prepares for every games no matter who he is playing. If anything, he likely would have said he is worried about a let down as the players perhaps may be focused on the good weather and the upcoming tournaments. Another thing Calhoun does from time to time is when he is asked a stupid question by a reporter, he will return a few words mocking the reporter or offering up some sarcastic return. If he is real mad about the question then he will tell off the reporter. Otherwise, he is a gentlemen ....
  3. Some of the old Uconn helmets had red, but I can not recall if the uniforms ever had red. The Uconn new FB uniforms were introduced in 2003 I believe and the helmet with the C block logo I think has been around since 2000. It does bother me that they do not have any red in the FB uniforms. I do like the new husky logo without the red tongue. The official Uconn website logo is sharp looking and having the red tongue would have made it look stupid. Otherwise, not being consistent doesn't bother me much and I am surprised a Bulls fan would be bothered by it.
  4. Rivals just reporting that Edner Alcin has chosen USF. Congrats to the Bulls. This guy has once been clocked at 4.2 in the 40. He is listed at 4.4 however. Great P/U for ya ( I was hoping he would come to Uconn, but Uconn already picked up two speed WRs and Alcin decided to stay close to home due to family issues) Great story and sounds like a good kid too. DW
  5. I think you need to rephrase yours. a) Name one Fla school that has won 7 NC in the past 20 years. name a Fla school that has finished the year in the top 10 in every year. c) Uconn doesn't need FLA 5 star recruits. FLa. is one of the largest recruiting hotbeds in the nation, but that doesn't mean the very best come out of FLorida. How many kids from Texas or USC came from Florida? d) Don't need to play top 10 OOC to be better than the FLA schools, but I see no reason why Uconn would not schedule top 10 teams. Right now we are still building towards that powerhouse program so scheduling top 10 teams now would be pretty stupid. Getting OOC top 10 teams to play you is tough unless they get 2/1 or 1/0 and a sure win. Finally, it is my opinion that Uconn is aspiring to do better than USF. What would you rather I think?
  6. I did not forget Uconn wasn't elegible ... lame. USF backed into that bowl just for that reason. Uconn would have brought 15-20K to Charlotte. I am surprised to see some here feel sending 5K was a good representation  ??? What got ridiculous was seeing every night a medicre or worse C-USA team playing in some meaningless bowl game. C-USA is in a great region and has consolidated themselves nicely into a 12 school conference. I am sure they would rather have USF than Marshall however. To the short sighted person, judging on whre C-USA is this year does make one seem smart to project that C-USA has no future. However, dig a little deeper and perhaps one could see the potential there. Watch out USF fans , UCF just might be going to better bowls than you guys and joining the BE may not look like such a good move in the future. Of course, the BE right now is teetering on a ledge and who knows how the pieces will fall. As for surpassing Uconn's FB program? Nice to see someone finally acknowledge we are better. Uconn just went through a rebuilding year and will be vastly improved next year. As for who will have the most success over the next five years (let's say), I'll hold my judgement until next seasons recruiting class. If Uconn has the big season I expect they WILL have next year, we will do quite well recruiting. I do not see that USF has any advantage over Uconn for attracting the best FB talent. Uconn will be opining its new indoor practice field and strength and conditioning facility. It's academics and on campus atmosphere leaves USF in the dust. I think USF WILL rise and compete with the other big schools in FLA. I just happen to think Uconn is aspiring to do a little better than that Thank Velcro for the B-day wishes....
  7. I never expected USF to beat NCST despite that was exactly what I was hoping for. NCST is a very good FB team and got off to a slow start, but finished hot. They hit a brick wall against USF. USF made a game of it and this BE fan congratulates the effort. THE ACC SUCKS!!!! Also, most WVU fans I come across do have class and would never say such a thing after all the let downs they have had over the years. I am still not sure that USF really wanted to join the BE, but USF did and as a member of the BE, I thought you did the BE proud.
  8. I think the nation saw a team show up for its first bowl game ever and first time ever and showed a lot of heart. The game was certainly boring thanks to awful play calling and decisions, but I actually feel USF did a good job representing the BE. Your defense kept the game respectable. You all should be proud and I see a lot of promise for the USF FB team. I questioned USF insistance to run the ball in the first half, but seeing how bad your QB(S) are, I see that your OC had little choice but to try to run through a defense stacked at the line. Even with the odds against them, Hall and your other back there did a BULL of a job gaining yards on the ground. I watched most of the game and have to say that the team did the school proud. The fan support is another story. Uconn would have brought 20-25 thousand to that game. USF managed what, 5,000???
  9. Thanks for the article ET. What a classless bunch of BS. Too bad Rutgers did not win that game, but they certainly put aenough of a scae into them that they will likely shut up about the BE.
  10. Too bad about NCST. Your defense showed up, but just like at the REnt, your offense decised to skip ou on the Charlote Bowl. Sorry guys, but Uconn would have been the better BE representitive. The Meineke Care Bowl people wanted Uconn for obvious reasons that turned out to be true. A southern school does not travel well to NC. The question is does USF travel well at all? Have to question USF's inclusion in the BE here. Not trying to stir you guys up too much, but I believe USF was a better fit in C-USA and is one day going to regret joining the BE. I think C-USA is going to be in up and coming FB conference. They are in a good region and all the bowls want their schools. It is just a matter of time befor C-USA starts getting those major bowls you guys coveted when you joined the BE. You guys got the Meineke bowl and blew it fan wise. Now the BE is in jeopardy of losing that bowl as well. Any thoughts?
  11. Seems USF is down to one bowl and the bowl they may get will consider the Bulls as a mere consulation prize. I hear Cantwell has had a good practice and that Bush will play. There is still some hope for USF. If Uconn wins, we are going to Charlotte!!! I read on Bieastboards.com that USF could get the Motor City Bowl if Ohio State gets an atlarge BCS invitation. Hang in there. There is still options for a well deserving team, even if you do lose your last two in a row.... DW
  12. It is a 7:45 start and will be on ESPN, so be sure to watch !!!! Uconn will be fired up for this one baby !!!! GO HUSKIES !!!! DW
  13. Good point, but Bonislowski couldn't throw the ball and we couldn't run with it either. Uconn was very fortunate to win that game. Go figure Uconn would win this type of game. So many times we have played well and still lost. We will need to put up more than 7 points. That is all our offense put up and that was on a freak play. I have confidence that Uconn's backup will do just fine. Both Hernandez and Brown play with a lot of composure. Neither trys to do more than they can or force things. Edsall is very good at preparing for a game and does not give his QB's more than they are ready for. Another good sign for Uconn, our offensive line played much better. Man you guys have some huge lineman on both defense and offense - especially #74 and #75. DW DW
  14. We have been doing this on the Bigeastboards.com for a couple of years now. We support a BE cheerleader that joins Athlon's Cheerleader competition. We help a WVU cheerleader win last year and there is another WVU cheerleader in the finals this year. We would appreciate your vote. Here is the link: http://www.athlonsports.com/spirit/round.php I think it would be fun if a USF cheerleader signed up for next years contest. This board could rally together and support the USF entry. It is a lot of fun and shows school and BE spirit.  I realize Katie is a Sun Doll, but Chicky9194 is a cheerleader. Regardless, they could pass it on. With the support here and getting the word around, a USF cheerleader would have an excellent shot at winning next years contest. What do you all think about trying to convince one of the girls to compete. You can only vote once a day, but there is a way around that system We can stuff the ballots if we need to !!!! GO BULLS !!! We ARE ALL BIG EAST. I realize I am not very popular being a Uconn fan and some here may even think I am a smuck, but I follow every BE school and only root against you when you play Uconn. Best of luck to the Bulls the rest of the year. DW
  15. Charlotte was high on Uconn early in the season before we went into that 4 game skid. I would think they would take us because of our reputation of traveling well. I also heard they want Uconn vs BC. It is all mute however since Uconn can not possibly beat Louisville..... or could they? Game conditions will be worse tha the USF game most likely - thanks to a 7:45 start. What does Louisville have to play for? Uconn just shows up and plays hard and now the have a real good reason to step it up another notch. The good news for USF I suppose is that Bonislowski will not play Saturday. I also heard Brohm and Bush will not play either. Louisville has a decent backup QB, but has no experience. Uconn's backup QB was playing very well until he broke his wrist. Our 3rd string QB played well for us as well. Bonislowski played horrible against USF so our backup QB has to be an improvement. Bonislowski reinjured his shoulder in the first half of the USF game, but said nothing and gutted it out. Should be an interesting game .... DW
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