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  1. BiggTipp

    Gilbert has to go

    I think the O-Line is a major part of his problem...shore that up and he is just fine
  2. BiggTipp

    Defense in 4th Quarter

    Go to the play-by-play section and click on the 4th quarter in the header
  3. Just wanted to post this. According to the USF drive chart, Tulsa ran a total of 10 plays in the 4th quarter for a grand total of 0 yards..... https://gousfbulls.com/boxscore.aspx?id=10513&path=football
  4. BiggTipp

    Blake Barnett

    Give this kid time in the pocket...his accuracy, pocket presence, and field vision are great...he can throw dimes...but the line in front of him has been terrible this season
  5. I did watch some of the UMASS vs OHIO game. The Ohio QB had what seemed like 5 actual real life seconds to throw the ball on multiple occasions.
  6. BiggTipp

    Offensive Playcalling

    The plain and simple answer for the problems last night was the blocking up front...but it also seemed like there was minimal adjustment to that...don’t remember seeing a TE staying in to block...all the pressure was coming from the edges but The RB was up near the center in protection blocking air...Barnett didn’t seem to have time...the blocking up front for run plays was suspect at best...
  7. 1) Strongest Bulls unit, RB or WR? WR2) What do you like most about Blake Barnett? Decision making...seems like he can make all the throws3) What concerns you most about Blake Barnett? Durability from lack of playing4) Favorite tailgate beverage? IM simple...BEER5) What is your guess on the greatest number of members to sign up at TBP in one day? 48
  8. BiggTipp

    Why the Dark uniforms?

    Senior night 2017
  9. USF 45-20 Horne (the return of the jet sweep baby!!) McCants 570
  10. Yea your right...pic taken from twitter