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  1. We're pushing off, a bit behind schedule........3:30am baby!!! See ya'll there!! Go Bulls!!
  2. I plan on hitting the bed right after work today, then getting on the road at like 3 or 4am, so we can get to Charlotte by 11 or 12. Got 3 going, so we plan to drive in shifts.
  3. How about something to the effect of: Big East's BCS rep :  10-1 ACC's BCS rep: 8-4 Where's the outrage now??!!
  4. Done...... PJ isn't a candidate for QB of the year?? Shocking!!
  5. Has anybody seen any 3'x5' USF flags for sale around town??  I have seen the ones that hang vertically from a horizontal pole, but I am interested in putting one in the bed of my truck to fly around Charlotte.  I figure if we are going to have a small # of people up there, the folks that are there need to be loud to make up for it!
  6. The old "Meikeke" Car Care Bowl huh?  (pg 2).  I like it, has that Hawaiian ring to it  ;D
  7. 61 and rain now: http://www.weather.com/activities/recreation/outdoors/weather/weekend.html?locid=USNC0121&from=tenDay_topnav_outdoors
  8. Sec 133, 4th row here........not sure which seats though
  9. Ahhh one of my fav SNL episodes........ Sean Connery:  "Ahh this is my lucky day......I'll take The Rapists for $200." Alex Trebek:  "That's Therapists, not 'The Rapists' Mr Connery."
  10. Network engineer currently..........back in school now for accounting degree. I figured I would go back to school so I could get into all of the games for free, and while I'm at it might as well pick up another piece of paper for the wall!
  11. I don't understand why these guys make such a big deal out of the lower bowl games.  If you are truly a fan of college football, you will watch whatever game is on.  And as far as the Meineke Bowl, sure the National Championship isn't on the line, or even a national ranking, but as far as I'm concerned, two Division I teams that have a 6-5 record playing each other sounds like a good matchup.  I don't know about everyone else, but when I watch a college football game, I watch it b/c it is football, and I am always hoping for a good finish (unless it is USF, then I want a Bulls blowout).  Hell, one of the most exciting games I watched all year was the MAC Championship game between Akron and N. Illinois!  It was a hard fought game with a great finish.  I don't care if it was two high school teams, that was an entertaining game, and many times, the lower bowls are much more intriguing than the BCS games.
  12. I wrote it more from a preventive, self-help angle.  I mean if you were fortunate enough to have survived the first encounter, and were thinking about giving it another try, then it may be worth checking out. ;D
  13. Come on guys ease up!  usf-ru, you're alright in my book.  If anyone would like to purchase a copy of my book, it is available on Amazon.com, and it is titled, "100 Reasons Why it's Not Smart to Stick Your Head in a Wood Chipper" ÂÂ
  14. http://www.sportsline.com/collegefootball/story/9057203 Leavitt didn't even make the list.  Granted, O'Leary did a fine job this year (against crap teams), but for Leavitt to not even make their list is a joke.
  15. This topic has been moved to [link=http://www.thebullspen.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=04022005;action=display;num=1132987373;start=0]State of Florida College Athletics Board[/link] by Bulliever.
  16. I would like to see an OCS ASAFP too.  But to use UM as an example is a little ridiculous.  Miami is up there w/ Atlanta on the Worst Sports Town list.  I went to the game there a couple of weeks back.  That place is the biggest dump of an athletic facility I've ever been to.  Plus the fact that maybe 5% of the people in the stadium actually went to UM.  I really don't think that the OCS is the problem here.  We need to concentrate on winning fringe, non-alumni fans over.  There is obviously a huge football market out there.  Just think of all the people out there that would like to see the Bucs play at the RayJay, but can't b/c the games are sold out.  Those are the people we need to be getting right now.  I really think that our marketing dept needs to step it up, there is a market out there for the Bulls!
  17. Pretty weak today.......If we are playing for the Big East title in 2 weeks, it will probably be an early start, so that better not be an excuse. I think ya'll can take it easy one Friday night out of the whole year to show up early for a football game when your team needs you the most. Or, if you're not a bunch of candy arsses, go out Friday night, get lit, and then get up early Saturday morning and getter done again! You can sleep when you're dead!!
  18. You could tell those dudes at the end of the piece (of crap) were totally acting. I think all of us on this board that saw the clip know that it was supposed to be a joke, even Rock said that it was filmed in a light-hearted manner, but it still boils down to bad press for our U. And considering our turnout for early games in the past, we really need to get across to everybody out there that we can create an exciting college football atmosphere and it is worthy of getting up early and heading to the stadium on a beautiful Saturday morning. Especially when there is so much at stake for such a young program.
  19. Normally I like Baynews9's coverage of local sports, but that piece was a joke.  I don't care if they were doing it in jest......we need all of the help we can get to get the "buzz" going around the area.  I don't think we are at a point where we can be comfortable w/ sarcasm.  Alot of the fringe "fans" that we need to be attracting may not be knowledgeable enough to know that they were doing it in fun.  "Buzz", especially in this area, is contagious, and the people that may be on the fence about going to the game Saturday may think that there will not be a very good atmosphere there and decide that they have better ways to spend their Saturday morning. ÂÂ
  20. Wow, so many things just came to mind to post, but I'd better not.  :-X
  21. How does something like that happen? You would think a responsible journalist would look at that score, and say, "wow, USF got beat that bad by KY Wesleyan? That doesn't sound right, let me check that out." It is just common sense. Although the words journalist, responsible, and the term, common sense often don't belong in the same sentence.
  22. How cool would it be if this became a nationally-known tradition someday?  We could tell our grandchildren that we played a part in starting it!  They might even name the OCS after you Griggsy! ÂÂ
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