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  1. I thought CWT would get us a game @ the Big House vs. Michigan with he's relationship with CJH. Kind of surprised that never happened...hell, UCF got a game there - nice payday regardless.
  2. How about we get the Wolverines on the future schedule as a "thank you" for this exposure? Looks like they have some open dates in '18, '19....would be a nice payday for a game at the Big House. Hell, our Orlando comrades play there this year.
  3. Why cant this shirt be in-line with the Athletics tag-line of "Bulls Unite"?
  4. Where's the energy/enthusiasm with this team? 4th and 1 to start the fourth quarter, team is huddled up on sideline and they look flat...no head boppin or jumping around...NOTHING! No excitement on the field....how are we the crowd supposed to make noise if the home team can't get fired up? Something else to pin on the coach... And of yeah, how about run 1 or 2 QB sneaks when its first and goal from the 1....why a shotgun formation on first down? We score there...game is somewhat respectable...16 to 6,7, or 8...I can somewhat deal with...but get shutout like that? C'mon, man! Oy vey
  5. Good question...kids 12 and under were free last year with adult ticket, plus they had AYCE (with limited food) deals. I was poking around the USF site today as I was looking for tix for tomorrow's game and was wondering if that "kids free" deal is still on, but could not find any info on it or any ticket/game promotions.
  6. The one that jumps out is the 09 game at home vs. Wvu, a clean, decisive victory. 5 years ago?! The nd game doesnt count since nd gave us that gam
  7. Embarrassing.... just "Team", OK....I can live with.. "THE TEAM" ...ouch
  8. We finally have a chance to have a "real" offensive system...lets' be honest, the Leavitt + Holtz era was a lot of BS Sandlot plays (QB scramble/read option/ get lucky once in a while with a deep ball) - CWT's offense has the markings to give the program an identity and reputation...CWT comes with a good support system and the bus will be rollin' again.
  9. Looking for 2 good OSU/USF tickets for Monday night, any extras in the 100-level? PM or message me with details.
  10. http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/bowls/predictions They do not have USF in a bowl, but LA tech in the Beef O Brady's bowl.... So, it just hit me that there is the chance to possibly face Skip and his crew in the Trop...FWIW
  11. Agree with Bulls on Parade...we already have it. Also, you cant force tradition, they happen over time or in an instant...i.e. see Ohio State and "Hang on Sloopy" On Saturday, October 9 at the OSU/Illinois game, the halftime show and about-to-be tradition were almost rained out. During the second quarter, such a heavy downpour drenched the fans and the field that the band considered canceling its performance to avoid making an even muddier mess of the gridiron, which was grass. But, Head Coach Woody Hayes had grown to appreciate the band more than he did ten years earlier when he ordered the marchers off a soaked field during the 1955 Rose Bowl. So the 120 band members performed before a drenched but enthusiastic crowd. The OSUMB, in the form of a giant ballerina, stepped gracefully in the mud to Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers – then suddenly began to gyrate in a wild Watusi as it played Hang On Sloopy. The crowd went crazy. Before the next game, against an unbeaten Michigan State up north, a nervous Coach Hayes took an unprecedented walk to speak to the band. With only 38 players on the bench and a mere 3,500 Buckeye fans in the Spartan stands, Hayes needed all the help he could get. When the Buckeyes fell behind by 18 points in the second half, the band, from its seats, played Hang On Sloopy. The call-to-rally role had been cast. From then on, Hang On Sloopy would be a catalyst for comeback, a starting gun to celebrate a foreseeable victory, or a summons to change the status quo for the better. Sad to say, the Buckeyes didn’t come back that afternoon, losing 32 – 7. But they were undefeated the rest of the season.
  12. Drew Henson is another...QB at Michigan and played w/ Yankees system and later the Dallas Cowboys
  13. Id throw Turner Gill in the mix...he did well at Buffalo, tanked at Kansas, now at Liberty...probably get him at a reasonable salary
  14. 3:30 or later, please...I hate bringing up UF, but from a TV ratings perspective, arent the Gators off that week? Wouldn't it make sense to televise game later in day 3:30 or later to capture the entire FL TV market?
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