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  1. Cincy curb stomping the douches to our East makes this even more satisfying.
  2. We have started slowly all season. I hope that they get out figured out in the second half.
  3. The level of competition has been the problem more than anything else. The team and the coaches are all figuring things out. We will don't have the best athletes on defense.
  4. USF with the rare TD hat trick in the second quarter. 1 offensive, 1 special teams, and 1 defensive touchdown so far this quarter!
  5. The bend and break defense works really well if you can force turnovers! Have to cash in on offense!
  6. Just look at our last 3 seasons. We have been portal heavy and the guys we brought in have contributed.
  7. This will end up likely being a positive for both parties. He gets to go find a place to play (wish him well) and we open a roster spot for someone that can contribute. If you can't crack the rotation on our defense, well, I hope you are hitting the books hard. As far as the portal is concerned, we have actually had more success with it over the last three years than I realized. We have hit on about 60% of the transfers. Our current depth chart features 9 transfers contributing on offense and 7 contributing on defense (Will Jones, II would have been a starter before he was injured). I agree, we need to hit the d-line hard this year in the portal, but 3 of our 9 guys contributing on the d-line are transfers. Next year is really scary on the d-line, as the only likely returning players with any experience appear to be Jason Vaughn and Tramel Logan. I'm not sure how many of the guys that are just seniors will stick around with their extra Covid year. The rest of the roster consists of Jamari Stewart Freshman Transfer (committed to Miss St, but held out of 2020), Le'Vontae Camiel - SO, Colby Smith - PWO FR, Keeon Terrell - FR, and De'Juan Sease - JR, and none of them have recorded a tackle this season.
  8. The women have 5 of the top 11 players in the entire conference on their team. That is just insane. Our squad might be able to beat an AAC All-star team comprised of the best players from the other 10 teams.
  9. I want to know what the hell is going on in our Athletics Department that they are unaware of Steve Currall's departure from the University? That is just ridiculous. I absolutely trust that some random from the internet, who has not been proven correct about anything thus far and might be homeless at this point if he acted on his post from February 8th, is 100% accurate (or should I say 1000000000000000000% accurate) on this issue and his source is spot on. I am already looking at flights for our first conference road game at Oregon or Ohio State.
  10. Scott was quoted as saying that he has been dealing with a hamstring issue since the summer.
  11. We have the players to win on the offensive side of the ball, but the defense is just a nightmare. The coaching staff continues to make mistakes like deferring to the second half when winning the coin toss. Give the defense the chance to play with a lead and not be on their heels the entire game. Give Timmy and the offense a chance to set the tone and put together a drive to start the game rather than being down 7-0 early. It is clear that we are at the point of our schedule where we should be able to find some wins.
  12. Most importantly, he had a full off week to rest his hamstring injury that has been nagging him all season. I hope the coaching staff has cooked up some more designed runs and tweaked the scheme to further play to Timmy's strengths. Also, I hope that they realize that we can't stop anyone on defense and 4th and 5 from the opponents 35 yard line is a time to go for it and not punt.
  13. If the MWC finds a way to poach SMU and Tulsa, we will finally be part of the Pee 6 with Temple, Tulane, Navy, ECU, and Memphis!
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