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  1. This makes perfect sense and I would much rather it be the Bulls playing someone in Tampa than a team like UF or FSU coming to have a game in our own backyard.
  2. Bulls win 1-0. Will play Cincy in the final who upset Memphis earlier.
  3. The AAC Tournament is Thursday and Saturday, I believe.
  4. USF ended the season with a somewhat disappointing tie on the road to Cincy. They finished the regular season an impressive 7-0-2. They are ranked #14 by Top Drawer, #15 by the United Soccer Coaches, and #16 in the RPI. The caveat with the RPI is that it is extremely flawed this season given the dearth of non-conference games by which to compare the conferences against one another. However, the #14/15 ranking from the two major polls is promising for the Bulls. They are the #1 seed in the tournament and will play #4 seed ECU at 7 pm on Thursday. The game is available on ESPN+. Win that on
  5. Played? She did way more than play at YSU. She was the mf'ing all-time leading scorer for the Penguins!
  6. The team currently sits at #15 in the recently (and irregularly) released US Coaches Top 25 (up 6 spots from #21 in the March 21 poll), to go with a #9 RPI and #13 Top Drawer ranking. They close out the regular season Sunday at Cincinnati. The comes the conference tourney. This will be an interesting stretch where they will have to play 3 games in 6 days after only playing one game per week all season.
  7. Could be. I was purely speculating, but the timing would make sense. Regardless, good luck Mr. Schneider!
  8. He is taking an official visit here July 8th to the 11th. He is currently the #12 dual-threat QB in the nation and is on the cusp of being a "high 3 star" recruit. He would be our highest rated commit since 2018. https://twitter.com/khalibJohnson2/status/1379870957389680643/photo/1
  9. The George Mason transfer's stats are impressive and the potential leadership he can bring is definitely needed. Bayron Matos looks promising as well. He may not have put up stellar numbers, but it was also a unique season that presented various challenges. His numbers are only modest if you don't consider his minutes per game. He only logged 18.9 mpg. He was the team's 4th leading scorer, as a freshman, when you account for points per minute of playing time. He shot 52% from the field and 39% from the FT line, so he will fit right in at USF.
  10. He may have been advised that he could get a camp invite by a team and decided to pursue that as an undrafted free agent. I have no idea, but it would be a good explanation for his decision now, after going through Spring practice. Whatever he does, I wish him the best in his future endeavors!
  11. A slower, more methodical brand of basketball. An offense that isn't as 3-point reliant as the average NCAA team. Guys that are physically tough and willing to be hard-nosed defenders. Requires players with a high basketball IQ that can limit mistakes and turnovers. Requires players that are good free-throw shooters given the close margins that are typical in the type of offense he has run in his time at USF. Also, good depth and balanced scoring. He rarely has had a guy on his team that averaged more than 15 ppg.
  12. The US Soccer Coaches rankings are outdated and don't include their loss to BYU. Santa Clara is actually ranked 16th in the latest rankings from Top Drawer. This season is complicated by the dearth of out-of-conference games in which to judge the mid-majors against the P5 teams, and from the split schedules between the fall and the spring. However, given the lack of OOC games, a lot of the P5 teams were unable to pad or bolster their records with wins over smaller opponents. It will be interesting to see how the committee decides to seed the teams.
  13. At this stage, unless the investigation reveals something truly egregious, I think you are stuck with him. There isn't enough time to make a good hire and bring in quality players to fill the roster spots that have been abdicated. He had better find guys that work in his system in the portal.
  14. Of course, the first season that we have a shot at a top-4 seed is the season in which all of the games will be played at one, centralized sit, thereby eliminating the home turf advantage. Such is the luck of USF athletics.
  15. Heading into this season, USF's team was the 17th most successful in the nation over the past 5 years. This season's performance will likely elevate that ranking slightly as well. That type of sustained success usually gets recognized after a while in the form of better seeding. We will see if I am wrong, but I am going to stand behind my prediction that a 10-0-1 USF squad will get a top 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament this year. Now the ladies just need to take care of business and win their last 3 games to see if my prediction comes to fruition. Best 25 NCAA Women’s So
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