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  1. so you're saying nobody at the G5 level has the ability to coach at the P5 level? lots of schools pass up on plenty of quality coaches every year. many times it has to do with their ability to sell a coach to their donors more so than their ability to coach. we made a "splash" hire with Strong. Top level P5 coach that most of our fans were giddy about.....Many times it's all about winning the press conference for an AD. What FSU doesn't realize is that they just hired a Taggart to replace Taggart. It sets them back at least 2 more years and a ton of buyout money. they needed a total rebui
  2. how did he get exposed? He was 6-1 at Oregon with a top 5 offense when herbert started. at FSU they gave him 1.5 years to clean up a complete mess. Dabo went 6-7 after 2.5 years at clemson. lost to mighty USf in a bowl game.
  3. it definitely will take time. Dabo took over a clemson team that went 6-7 in his 2nd full year. First losing season in over a decade. they were ranked #21 in final poll year before he took over so they didn't need a total overhaul.
  4. you tend to have a losing record when you are brought in to do a total rebuild of a program Fun Fact Taggart recruited and signed 2 NFL draft pick QBs while at WKU and USF. WKU had just lost 26 straight and recently moved to D1-a and USF was a complete dumpster fire and he convinced 2 NFL quality QBs to sign. BTW neither of them go by the name of Quinton Flowers. Taggart was 6-1 with Herbert starting at Oregon FSU was in total rebuild mode and they gave him 1.5 years to do it........laughable.
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that he turned WKU around(had a 26 game losing streak) definitely turned us around left Oregon after a year for his dream job had 1.5 years at FSU(those idiots now realize that a coach needed more time to fix the mess Fisher left there-bet they would like to have true freshman QB georgia tech has now that signed with Taggart at FSU) I get everybody believes in instant gratification and that replacing a head coach should result in a quick fix but that's not how the real world works. if anyone thinks Scott is going to fix us in
  6. a big reason why UCF has had sustained success is that they hired a young energetic offensive minded head coach who had success and then replaced him with a young energetic offensive minded head coach with a similar philosophy. when we hired a retread dinosaur who was defensive minded to replace a young energetic offensive minded coach I knew we were in trouble.
  7. This doesn't suggest he is in CJS doghouse. “Whenever Cade is allowed to come back, he will be given an opportunity to play,” Scott said Tuesday.
  8. and generally you sign up you best recruits at the last minute. they become available when that UF offer they were hoping for never materializes. Marlon Mack signed with us 6 days after decomitting from UCLA
  9. Slick Willie recruited a kid nobody else offered as a QB and designed a top 5 offense around him that led to our most successful teams record wise in our history. that's what good head coaches get paid to do.
  10. yeah I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to offer. Unfortunately this program needs more than a band-aid fix. It all starts and ends with recruiting.
  11. My guess would be covid. Quote from paper “Whenever Cade is allowed to come back, he will be given an opportunity to play,” Scott said Tuesday.
  12. there is a rule in college and the nfl that prevents you from hitting the long snapper for 1 second after snap. most long snappers are smaller to allow them to cover punts. most schools use walk-ons. Alabama's long snapper is a senior who weighs 231 lbs Thomas Fletcher - Football Thomas Fletcher (45) SN - Junior (2019) The long snapper on all punt attempts as a freshman ... assumed
  13. because he didn't have a single winning year at the wealthiest program in the country. the only program to have their own espn channel.
  14. I started one back then. Never liked the Strong hire. Wanted Scott all along.
  15. Good article on Austin. https://sports.yahoo.com/the-winless-browns-cut-him-now-hes-a-super-bowl-champ-214949083.html
  16. they were on probation nobody in their right mind would take a job when the school is on probation. Shula was a QB there and they still fired him. he has never had a HC job again. it was career suicide as far as being a HC and Leavitt knew it.
  17. the alabama job was just as a placeholder while they were on probation. Mike shula took it and went 10-2 in his 3rd year and was fired. that place was a mess Moore praised Shula on Monday for providing "stability for our program through four years of NCAA probation" that ends Feb. 1, 2007. https://www.espn.com/college-football/news/story?id=2677110
  18. Fresh start with new coaches he can mold into his way of thinking. not some old timer who is set in his ways. He has been training his entire life to be a head coach and has learned from the best From bowden all the way to Dabo. He doesn't need a mentor. I like it.
  19. clemson has never had a dominant o-line. read up on their offense. like many have said they don't run a lot of plays with 5 and 7 step dropbacks expecting a pocket to form. they get the ball out quick to their athletes. you can't just say pro-style or spread without understanding there are nuances for both.
  20. those videos were hilarious. you could do the same with alabama and all their drops and missed blocks throughout a game. they did all they could to defend the terrible coaching.
  21. clemson has never been known for a dominant o-line. I agree that we need WRs and athletes that we can get into space. The problem: Clemson has never really mastered the “smashmouth” dimension of the smashmouth spread. They’ve always been at their best at spreading the ball around to speedy skill players and winning matchups on the perimeter. They aren’t stocked with the sorts of OL, TE, or FBs to consistently overpower. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/9/27/17900934/trevor-lawrence-clemson-new-starter-quarterback
  22. interesting article on the clemson offense and how it evolved with the different QBs. Clearly shows they are willing to adapt offense to players skill set.They have never had a dominant o-line either. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/9/27/17900934/trevor-lawrence-clemson-new-starter-quarterback
  23. the coaches were the sole reason for the dropoff. only listened to 20 minutes and all I heard was about the difference in culture between strong and taggart and the fact that florida athletes( linemen) are smaller and more athletic and are better suited to running the spread. obviously we saw the culture change and saw which coach was more successful in their approach and i agree wholeheartedly with his 2nd claim.
  24. we showed him. we built a powerhouse o-line after he left......
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