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  1. we had 2 sacks which was the most we have had in a game all season according to the paper. baffling why we rush 3 at the end.
  2. it was definitely a designed draw. and the pass on 2nd and 11 was a screen that was not there because of the rushing defenders. oh and the 3rd and 19 give up run play that they got lucky on to even get us into reasonable field goal range. they stuff that run and we have to punt or try a 52 yard field goal and risk giving them the ball near midfield. plus they should have gone for it on 4th down. a first down forces them to burn timeouts. a TD and it's a 3 score game that is over. A FG kept it to a 2 score game.
  3. quality recruits don't commit to us early. they wait until other bigger offers don't come thru.
  4. the prevent defense(both times). the drive that went with a QB draw on 1st down from their 35 where we settled for a FG
  5. rewatch the drive before that. wide open receivers in plenty of space
  6. I had a problem in the second half whenever we got into FG range we got conservative with play calls. some coaches out think themselves. anytime you have the ball you should ALWAYS try to score TDs. You literally need 3 field goals to extend a lead 1 more score. in fact if you look at the math you almost always go for every 4th down over kicking FGs because it increases your chance of winning.
  7. he really didn't have a shot at that pick. sorry but they sat down in wide open spaces in our zone.
  8. it's not the loss but how we lost that bothers me. I hope these coaches understand that their conservative approach at the end of that game cost them the W. They had multiple opportunities to put that game away and were afraid to take the chance.
  9. yes great throw and catch. honestly sitting back and allowing them to drive the length of the field twice in under 90 seconds was worse then the blitz call. they had receptions of 15, 24, 11, 13, 10 ,15, 14, 14. Most of the time receivers would sit in an open space and had no trouble making the catches. They weren't check down throws that led them down the field in such a short amount of time.
  10. i forgot you're into semantics. then settling for fg attempts when they get within field goal range they didn't go for the throat when they had several opportunities to put that game away. not once did they take a chance to put it away
  11. I hope they learn from this. I think Scott can have success here. I hate it when coaches get conservative just trying to run clock or play field position football. It's like they are coaching not to lose. He had multiple chances to put that game away and he didn't take the chance to do it. Go for a TD gives you a 3 score lead. Kicking the FG still keeps it at 2 scores. Rushing more than 3 makes them get the ball out faster. Letting them sit back and wait for a man to come open allows them to get chunk yards. sure you don't give up the big play but it let them drive the field for
  12. no the fact that they get conservative when they get into the red zone with a lead. then they come out and can ice the game with a first down and they run it into a stacked box 3 times. didn't even run a minute off the clock.
  13. couldn't agree more. You know what they say about prevent defense. just terrible coaching last 4 minutes. didn't even try to get a first down after they scored. ran 3 times into a stacked box. 1st down almost ices the game. gave the ball back to them with plenty of time and then ran the same prevent defense that just allowed them to score in less than 2 minutes. only time they tried to pressure was at the goal line when you don't need a lot of time for a play to develop. I hope they learn from this. Quote in the paper had him blaming it on execution which wasn't the problem
  14. agree. can't stand when coaches get conservative with a lead.
  15. You don't need much time for a play to develop from the goal line. Blitzing there hurts you. Giving them all day for a WR to come open 20 or 30 yards downfield takes more time. We needed to get pressure when they had lots of field to cover. make him get rid of it early.
  16. the fact that they didn't try to go for the throat and put the game away with a TD that would have made it a 3 score game is awful. Winning coaches try to score a TD anytime their offense has the ball. losers try to run out clock or play for field position or kick field goals to "extend" leads.
  17. coaching scared. play prevent defense last two drives. play for the field goal to go up 13. don't even try to get a first down after their TD Just awful agree. just terrible
  18. that was awful. if we wanted someone to coach not to lose we would have kept strong
  19. Bleacher Report doesn't post paid content for free. Pretty sure Brad doesn't allow it here either. You can rationalize it all you want but the fact is you steal their work and you know that because you said you aren't going to pay for it.
  20. my guess is this is just contract work. pay per article . probably the last step before they drop coverage altogether. our cheap fanbase can't afford to support our program let alone buy newspapers
  21. clearly it's a non-thing for you but not to the men and women who try to make their living writing for newspapers. you go ahead and think you're entitled to their work for free.....
  22. not sure why you quoted yourself but they are charging for his work and I'm guessing he is getting paid for it so he is not volunteering.
  23. if he didn't pay for it and he reads it then to me it's considered stealing. That man deserves to get paid for his work. I too have a subscription and hope we always have a local news source.
  24. that's a shame. what you are doing is theft. I'm sure you wouldn't work for free.
  25. they haven't torn the old house down yet... good points. it all comes down to recruiting.
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