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  1. maybe but McGough had interest from FIU and Colgate. wasn't really sought after by anyone. Flowers signed in the same class and had interest from Nebraska, Florida, etc. maybe he promised him he wouldn't sign another QB.
  2. and for us considering he was there the same years we had Flowers. Flowers numbers were light years better both as a passer and runner in college.
  3. this team just lost 8 in a row . this is his 3rd year and he is using your beloved portal as a bandaid to stop the bleeding from his terrible recruiting.
  4. he just makes excuses for why strong can't be successful here.
  5. How did he do at texas? the wealthiest program in the country. with all those bells and whistles. without clint Hurtt charlie strong is lost
  6. we pay strong $2.5M lol he isn't a fan of USF. he is a charlie strong fan and makes excuses for why he is a complete failure.
  7. wisconsin was at home. we lost to Tulane last year 41-15 and that was homecoming. stuff happened FPI projected win % has us winning 2 more games this year. UConn and ECU http://www.espn.com/college-football/team/fpi/_/id/58/south-florida-bulls
  8. you can fill holes maybe but not a great solution. Macon is here for one year. I guess we can just turnover our entire roster every year......
  9. Temple beat a good Maryland team and Memphis beat a pretty good ole miss team. I don't see either of those as wins.
  10. I sure hope so. I mistyped. we are #114 so it's already getting better!
  11. unless quinton was playing defense I'm not sure it would matter. they have the #13 ranked offense according to s&p+ through 3 weeks. we are #144. who do you think misses quinton more? https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27624402/sp+-rankings-week-3-georgia-moves-ahead-clemson
  12. I thought it was a terrible hire. complete 180 from Taggart who had built the program with offense in mind first. Strong lost to Kansas for crying out loud in his 3rd year at texas, the wealthiest program in the country.
  13. I agree. they made a great hire. they had success under frost so they hired someone just like him. unfortunately we didn't do the same.
  14. yes they hired a young offensive minded coach who ran a similar style offense. certainly better then hiring an old conservative defensive minded coach. notice what you quoted says they just changed his terminology on the similar plays. didn't say he ran the same offense.
  15. the fact that they brought in the QB from the same high school as Milton who broke all of his records means we are pretty much in for status quo.
  16. agree. the score was deceiving. they went 11-23 on 3rd downs against our D too. we out gained them by less than 100 yards.
  17. sorry that's not how it works. nobody comes in and runs an identical offense. After watching the Knights' 56-17 demolition of UConn in the season-opener Thursday night, it's already abundantly clear: New coach Josh Heupel's offense might just be even better than old coach Scott Frost's offense. Heisman-contending quarterback McKenzie Milton (346 passing yards and five TDs) and his teammates weren't kidding when they said during the preseason that Heupel's offense actually moves faster than Frost's. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/os-ucf-uconn-josh-heupel-scott-frost-mckenzie-milton-20180831-story.html
  18. you might want to pump those brakes. you are setting yourself up for severe disappointment. south carolina state had more first downs and a greater time of possession than we did.
  19. this is their HCs 2nd year. what are you talking about?
  20. you don't watch much Bulls football do you? you think UCF would have lost to Georgia Tech??? USF would have beaten Stanford???? wow............
  21. they ran a new offense and had a new coach after going 12-0. guess what? they went 12-0 again. they are starting a true freshman this year. they won't use that as an excuse. I'm tired of the excuses from fans and strong.
  22. UCF is starting a true freshman QB had 347 yards and 4 TDs against Stanford do you think they would be happy with 6 wins?
  23. last year UCF was up for a kid on national signing day between syracuse and clemson. they didn't get him but they had a spot for him. I expect him to fill the majority of his class early. I don't expect him to have a full class 2 weeks before signing day. I'd also like to see him battle for guys at the end just like Leavitt did and Taggart did. clearly you are ok with just bringing in quantity and getting them signed early. it didn't work well for Holtz and clearly with 2 of the worst singing classes in our history it doesn't seem to be working for strong.
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