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    Former Bull SJ Green...

    https://www.cfl.ca/2017/08/09/long-read-sj-green-master-of-a-moment/ Here is the link to the article about his time at USF.
  2. So who is going to come out and apologize to the fans first? Woolard or Holtz. I understand they we are not on a level of some of the other programs throught the country, but many individuals put blood sweat and tears into making a name for us in the college football ranks (although a small one). These last 2 seasons are absolutely unacceptable! Yes last year there were some heartbreakers, and it was a difficult season as it was our first missed bowl season in several 5-6 years. The way this season has started shows that this team is not bought in to whatever system these coaches are teaching. It is not in line with the values that those that wore the green and gold before them. I am a proud USF fan and supporter and losing is not okay 3-11 is not okay over last 14 games. Holtz should give some of that money back, he is not holding up his end of the bargin for 2 million a year.....these players deserve more and our University deserves better! Holtz is Killing our program! Time for deathrow to come back........never thought we would have to make a tombstone for USF! Sincerly Deathrow 94-95'
  3. Just wanted to give some kudos to a Senior who played like a Senior against FSU. He was all over the field and he most certainly deserves props for his play. Although it shouldnt take FSU coming into our house to light that fire! This defense has been missing a so called spark all season. We need a consistent playmaker for other defensive players to rally around and look up to. Kavon if you read this you need to be our spark. We have had some great DB's that have suited up in a bulls uniform and if you want to be in that group you must seize your moment NOW! Continue to play your ass off and be that rock that this defense needs and start making plays...........the others will follow you.......and you to need to show them how! Go Bulls Beat Temple and get back in the race!
  4. Sec 237.......time for "deathrow" to come out.
  5. Whats everyone eating and drinking on saturday?
  6. BBDeathrow95

    Your best Nickname for USF D

  7. BBDeathrow95

    Our worst defense ever!!!???

    We couldnt stop Ball State and we would also struggle to stop our UCF little sister and little brother FIU. GO BULLS Find your NASTY! Where are all the ex bulls we need them to give a pep talk ASAP
  8. Do we have talent on that side of the ball? Why leave Durden on an Island when it was clear they were going to Isolate Snead. I am not trying to play armchair coach but dang! I feel at least give that to Kavon. Seriously our blitz packages are the worst. Never have I seen such a soft defensive front in our young program. I mean I think the last time I saw a defensive lineman in an opposing backfield in a meaningful game was JPP against Clemson in the Meinke Bowl. I know I am exaggerating a bit, but it is extremely frustrating when we have the tools offensively to sustain drives and our defense can't even get Ball State off the field, the can not make adjustments to a good nevada team, and cant come up with one play in our big east home opener against Rutgers. We have no balls and have no defensive swag. Come on COSH get your head in the game. These kids deserve better........
  9. BBDeathrow95

    QB Plan !

    I have really not seen much of Matt Floyd. However, I dont believe that we can simply just change BJ out. Besides I think Holtz is a loyalty guy and I think benching BJ would not be beneficial. I think this is on our coaches not putting our players in successful situations. Yes it is the players job to execute! But do our coaches really have to throw them to the proverbial wolves? I chalk this loss simply put we didnt have a game plan for rutgers. Why did we not attack the middle of the field? Why did we only throw deep to the left side? Where are all the other receivers that are suppose to give us so much depth? Tight Ends do we have one? Why cant Cosh get any pressure with our front seven? And how do you constantly leave the middle cross routes open for 2 straight games on 3rd and long. Why all of a sudden is our game plan to throw the long ball? Because we win one game with big plays? We cant allow other teams to have the ball for 20 min a half if we do that the rest of the season we will lose remainder of our games?
  10. BBDeathrow95

    Rutgers is hurting...

    I bet Schiano still finds a way to run onto the field crying for a flag!
  11. 1. Set the edge & not overpursue on the back side. Giddins and company must stay at home and not allow Fajardo and Stephens to get to the outside. They need to funnel these 2 guys into the middle allowing Porkchop and our linebackers to mop them up. Most of Nevada's offense came from these 2 guys and combined for 54 carries between them we can't allow them to find success with their read options and draw plays. 2. Pressure Fajardo: Make him uncomfortable by bringing pressure right up the middle. Force him to throw into blitzes and 2 the outside. We cant allow him to hit the short crosses through the middle of the field. Our corners need to jam Wimberly up who is a big target at 6'3 215 almost same make up as Michael Floyd clearly not as talented but if allowed to roam the middle could do some damage. 3. Offensive tempo: We need to be able to sustain drives to help our defense stay fresh we can't afford too many 3 and outs. Find a way to run the ball and keep BJ out of 3rd and long. We need to impose our will on offense as I think our defense will impose its will on Nevada, our offense just needs to do its part. I think the Bulls can win this game! I dont think they are thinking about Rutgers yet there are too many seniors that know what happens when you think like that. GO BULLS! Bulls: 31 Wolfpack: 17
  12. The men's basketball team emptied the bench? Go Bulls I love it! Death Row Always!!!!
  13. How would you grade out our team and why you gave that grade: Quarterbacks Running Backs Offensive Line Wide Rec Defensive Line Linebackers Defensive Backs Special Teams Coaching
  14. BBDeathrow95

    Just back from a trip to WV

    Yeah it would! However, with the Times and Tampa Trib you never know what kind of support your going to get.
  15. I am willing to say with BJ and Lamar on the turf and the power of planchar and ford that it should be a very long day for the orange. I am guessing 250+ on the ground. Wont even mention the speed of our Def on the carpet.