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  1. Does anyone know if I sign up for the monthly tv deal for the Tulane games does that same payment give me access to all AAC baseball for the month? Thanks Mike
  2. Thinking Amie and I will head over to catch the Thursday and Friday game, Mike
  3. I got to stop reading comments. I am watching the game at work via the slow wifi at TIA and I am at least 2 minutes behind,
  4. I started a new post but does anyone know what airline and time they are coming back? Thanks
  5. Does anyone know what airline the baseball team is using on their flight back to Tampa tonight? Thanks
  6. Amieabull and I will be there! Even if we have to fly to 12 different cities to get there, Mike
  7. Fazausa got 2 from Jim Johnson all is good. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know if i can print them from USF ticket site.
  9. FOP range in Pleasent Grove is a fun place to shoot the breeze? lol http://www.foprange.com/
  10. Anyone want to meet for dinner at Dreamland BBQ Wednesday evening? 1427 14th Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35205 Phone 205-933-2133 Fax 205-933-9770 http://www.dreamlandbbq.com/content/Dreamlandbbq/CustomPages/locations/Birmingham.htm Our HoursSunday-Saturday 10am-10pm
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