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  1. +1 ... FTW -1.....I have firefox and adblock plus but I leave them on for sites I enjoy and use.
  2. I had this attitude also when heading to a game a few years back. I had some redneck walmart employee change lanes into me. I decided not to involve the police and just take her insurance info and head to the game. It turned out to be bogus insurance info. I had to pay deductible myself to get it fixed. The total damage minus the amount I had to pay for the deductible wasn't enough for the insurance company to pursue getting money from this idiot. Big thanks to USAA for watching my back! :
  3. Oh yea, well I am not having the kids go to school on Friday so we can drive down and tailgate. I had to bribe the kids though because they are missing Halloween events at school on Friday.
  4. The Ryan Hamilton era was pretty amusing! Wonder what happened to that kid?
  5. For some reason, I was watching some ACC show last night and Joe Hamilton kept calling us UCF. I was waiting for one of the other hosts to correct him but they let him say it 100 times.
  6. http://thebullspen.com/index.php?topic=63119.0
  7. Super, my son has his peewee football jamboree during this time. >
  8. 40 yards wide? We may have even more of an advantage!
  9. If the link doesn't work then I just go to the main sp time page and traverse through sports to the blog.
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