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  1. Much time and effort was spent planning and executing the covert operation for FSU. It was all clean fun with no permanent damage other than FSU's egos and that was an extra bonus. The plaque was not even put in the ground just on top of the sod, the bull horn hat was placed carefully on the statue of Bobby Bowden and spray chalk was purposely used so that it would wash away. If they did not care they would have used spray paint. The fact that USF got extra TV exposure for the prank is even better. Just knowing that the FSU coaches and team saw it makes it priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Snarling Bull you are so violent! : I agree 100% with your remarks. ;D GO BULLS! Keep looking ahead.
  3. He is so adoraBULL and we appreciate having him in our Bulls Family! Gene and Holly I know you are going to be incrediBULL grandparents and Lance and Jill have a future Bull to raise in our USF tradition!
  4. John Henry is his name and he has started a post so you can direct all questions to him. GO BULLS!
  5. I do wish he did but so sorry no.
  6. We (a good friend) have tickets available for all home games in section #113 club access and parking pass included. He is new to the BullsPen and his name is john henry so let him know if you are interested. He purchased 8 tickets but will not always need all 8.
  7. Your kindness and sympathy at this devastating time in our lives with the death of our daughter Jennifer is more appreciated than any words can ever express. The kindness and generosity shown to us is deeply valued and will always be remembered and truly helps us to realize how much our family and friends mean to us. “Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.†Our love, Art, Pat, and Julie Jones
  8. Start Strong! I like that MABull. ;D ;D ;D Now we need to have Stay Strong! :o
  9. In no way did I mean you Eric and if you took it that way I am sorry. I think experience is what you should base the facts on and that is exactly what I did with Bulls Heaven. As consumers we have the right to shop where we choose and to all of a sudden make this a big thing is to me a bit silly. The phrase Finish Strong was to be for this season only and I personally chose not to buy a bracelet but do know others that did purchase them as a way to stand behind the team. My references to things not being true on the board have to do with Rick Kravitz and many things that were said as well as to how things are decided. Some people just have to say what they want with no regard to if it is factual or not. One of the reasons I love the Golden Brhaman is because we are able to know facts from rumors. I was not trying to scream just wanted to express my opinion. All of our intentions should be for the good and the benefit of USF.
  10. It seems to me that we should be careful of what we are saying and acusing others of doing. Some of the things that are being said are lies and rumors although they are selling the bracelets at BO. I would not do business with Bucs and Bulls Heaven because of the promises they make and do not keep and and the changing of their prices for their benefit even after quoting another price. As a consumer I am allowed to shop where I please. The difference in BullsOutfitter and the other place in my opinion is BO does care about USF and supports the school in many endeavors including their presence at games and functions with no merchandise to sell where the other place is in it only for themselves. For weeks this board has had posts about the Finish Strong bracelets and kept asking for them and now they are available and some people are up in arms about it. We have bracelets for just about everything and for some this was a way to show support of the team and to think the words Finish Strong can only be used by the team especially when so much has been written about it. There are shirts and other things out there that also include the words Finish Strong. I have not discussed this with BullsOutfitter but I am curious as to how all of you knew what their intentions were with the money they collected from the bracelets? I am sure there are many places that do not sell licensed merhandise and that is wrong and illegal yet people buy those things so support the places that do the right thing. I suppose I am finished with expressing my opinion but I know for a fact that several things that have been posted on this board in the past about other people and things were not the complete truth and I just wanted to say that.
  11. Thanks AU.... nice to hear positive comments and reminding us all just to look ahead since we cannot change the past. Time will tell but I see every game as a learning experience but I had much rather learn from our wins! ;D ;D ;D
  12. Bulls for life..........up/down,here/there;win/lose! Homecoming is next week so everyone be there LOUD and PROUD for USF! GO BULLS!
  13. I think the earlier you get to Capogna's the better as this is the best place to be if your are a BULLiever! It is great to cheer and be with others that have the same passion for USF. The WV vs Rugters game is on at noon and then our game follows. Come early but don't be late as all of us can hardly wait! GO BULLS! ;D
  14. You bet we will be there Loud and Proud! Bring your mug as it is still the real deal! We hope as many as possible will be there! GO BULLS!
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