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  1. It s going to be a ugly game as our helmet. But we can win like little giants.
  2. Was the situation in St Louis Cardinals the factor to their decision? I think they jumped the gun too early and they should continue their season until it gets worse. What if the covid cases has been disappeared after Biden won the election? Lol
  3. They should have to use their thumb and pinky fingers as long horn instead of index and pinky fingers.
  4. Hope we will see some BJ's action today.. Their starting QB is terrible so far..
  5. Q would be fine if he can changes the play anytime he wants to..
  6. XFL uses 25 seconds play clock and it is not enough time for the offense to make some adjustments after coach MT makes the call after 10 seconds. I am not sure if we were not given the authority to audible out of plays that MT calls. I have no doubt QF and MT don't have good chemistry at all.
  7. Many Tweets for Q in Vipers' and also BJ in Dragons' Twitter. Hope to see both playing in 2nd half..
  8. I have never forgot his father's one-handed against Jets and Raiders. Many years before Beckham Jr!
  9. I think QF has a chance sometimes this season.. We will see how hard or how often they will rough on passer.
  10. It would be much fun to watch both QF and BJD playing as QB each other on Feb 15th on FOX channel. Wish they will be playing here in Tampa.
  11. What's wrong with Jim? I wonder why he didn't get a job in P5 without Taggart?
  12. Hope we get some more transfers for DL, LB, and K.
  13. xCSH failed to reload. xCWT rebuilt successfully xCSS failed to reload.
  14. Is he coming here for the track only? Or both sports?
  15. Well.. What about some former USF players who were coached by Leavitt or Burnham. Or someone who still lives in Tampa like Derrick Brooks?
  16. We need a heavy power runner.. Also we need to play under center.. shotgun at 1 yardline is ridiculous
  17. Most likely UCF will win tonight pretty comfortable at home first time ever.
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