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  1. Hope he recovers, but first I hope he graduates, transfers to a power conference, plays his last year in a conference far away, does great and makes it to the Pros and becomes Tom Brady's replacement
  2. Nice to have a MBB team that is getting better each year since CBG took over.
  3. Nah, I just felt bad for you when he ****** your mother on the Jumbletron.
  4. Is everyone so gullible to think that anything has changed while CCS is in charge.
  5. I'm just commenting about CCS's attributes on the football threads
  6. CCS is the answer...but what is the question...the question is how do we remain irreverent in a ****** conference.
  7. CCS will be ready to kick ass in the spring game but when it counts in the fall he will go back to his old ways...he blows smoke and we will continue to suck
  8. Because of piss poor coaching...so now they care about the team...********...They care about the paycheck...
  9. so why didn't they fly around two years ago when we had a hell of a lot more talent?
  10. As long as CCS is leading the team then we will continue to suck
  11. In the big picture...Barnett is young and gullible. It comes down to that CCS is not committed to USF...if he was we'd be a conference champion by now.
  12. CCS is after a check He don't give a **** about his wreck.. He ***** everyone over and blames the players... He passes the buck and doesn't' give a ****
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