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  1. BullTime


    6-0...I'm a happy drunk camper...
  2. BullTime


    GOLD!!!! GREEN!!!!
  3. Just trying to increase my post count
  4. Paragraph above the article you posted.
  5. Don't shoot the messenger. Article says USF is not top 50 material. I don't have access, only read what was free. Link: http://insider.espn.com/chalk/insider/story/_/id/24931077/college-football-early-look-betting-week-7-including-teams-buy-sell
  6. Does Matt know that Conkrite used to play for UF?
  7. Did you know he used to play for UF.
  8. BullTime

    McCants Thread For UMASS

    Minuteman McCants....ready at a moment's notice to run back PR for scores, catch TD passes, all while carrying the opposing team on his back.
  9. Looking at all the bowl forecasts there is one common theme, USF's bowl future is very dynamic; odd that Gasparilla bowl forecast has not changed for this thread since day one...I say it will never happen and I throw the BS flag. CCS will not settle for another home game. Someone needs to rethink this bowl.
  10. Puc, You should go into politics...you'd be a great at it. You can take a trivial issue that no one thinks twice about and twist it and turn it such that you'd think it's a very serious matter based on your emotional tirade. While more serious issues go unattended.
  11. BullTime

    Girls of USF

    She graduated last year. I recall that there was an announcement at one of the games (probably last home game). It's a new generation now that are fanning the flames.
  12. We'd be better off if the TBT's just stop doing stories on USF athletics.
  13. BullTime

    Number of the Day: 27

    12 seasons per year! With a few extra seasons if we keep winning!