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  1. BullTime

    Gator game is now

    However, more P5 teams would be willing to play us if we continue to suck.
  2. BullTime

    2019 OC ?

    OK it's a Joke...I'm of the opinion that CCS is too set in his ways and we will be in USF purgatory...same situation since 1997.
  3. BullTime

    2019 OC ?

    I predict that CCS will take over the calls on the offensive side...why not I say...Let's turn over a new leaf and I predict that CCS will become an offensive Guru.
  4. Well, my Daddy would tell me every chance he got...Son, **** in one hand and wish in the other and see which fills up first. Well I'm tired of having a handful of ****, while wishing for that conference championship and so I'm of the opinion that we are all full of USF ******** until proven otherwise...and I predict that I will be still stuck a handful of **** next year.
  5. If I was there and with a coach like CCS, I'd leave too.
  6. BullTime

    Does USF football exist?

    ******* A...Post of the YEAR!!!!!
  7. BullTime

    Welcome Jamie580

    So are there 579 other Jamies on the board? I'm impressed. I'm so funny I surprise myself sometimes...
  8. BullTime

    USF Bull Statue?

    When I first saw this message thread...I immediately thought there was a move to get a Bull statue at Ray Jay...oh well, one day hopefully we will have a stadium full of bull statues...
  9. BullTime

    Does USF football exist?

    Old people forget things they once knew...I have
  10. BullTime

    USF Bull Statue?

    The sculpture in Brad's photo was at the USF bookstore last time I was there (~4 months ago). I bought one and they only had one other on display (a lady in line asked me where I found it...).
  11. Good thing for us is that mediocre coaches don't get job offers. CCS isn't going anywhere.
  12. So why is there a temple /Georgia tech discussion on the main board? Why is there an XFL discussion on the main board? Why...
  13. Why was this topic moved? If it was moved then all topics involving USF should be moved.