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  1. BullTime

    TBT: BullsEYE Magazine

    Dave, thanks for sharing. I always paid a little more attention to your posts and now I know why your name is stuck in my head. It's due to all the great work you did with USF in the early years (I was in the class of 96).
  2. BullTime

    Gear grab Wednesday

    I got a DJ jersey, a helmet, a few ball caps, a few polos, pair of shoes, and a couple back packs... Christmas came early
  3. BullTime

    Come on Willie....

    I will most likely be pulling for FSU, only because Boise is normally a contender for a New Year's day bowl and I prefer to see USF play on that day.
  4. BullTime

    Gear grab Wednesday

    F F U !
  5. BullTime

    Gear grab Wednesday

    Crappy timing🦀
  6. BullTime


    Very cool⚾
  7. BullTime

    Sun Dome Naming Rights

    What Tradition? Aint no such thing as a cheap beer at a sporting event.
  8. BullTime

    Auggie Sanchez to Potentially Start Coaching Career

    I know Auggie will do well at FSU but I'm looking forward to seeing him wear the green and gold again.
  9. BullTime

    100 days

    We're in Purgatory until the season starts
  10. Starting to get close wit the Ole Miss player. I voted twice, once by cell phone and once by laptop.
  11. BullTime

    Big signing for WBB

    SWEET Septe!
  12. The AAC is a second tier conference and there is no chance to be proven otherwise
  13. BullTime

    This video gives me hope going foward for MBB

    I'm impressed...that's dedication
  14. USF is a contender according to SI...I hope this guy is right; see link https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/four-potential-2018-contenders-we-might-not-see-coming/ar-AAwEKMG?ocid=spartanntp&ffid=gz