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  1. BullTime

    100 days

    We're in Purgatory until the season starts
  2. Starting to get close wit the Ole Miss player. I voted twice, once by cell phone and once by laptop.
  3. BullTime

    Big signing for WBB

    SWEET Septe!
  4. The AAC is a second tier conference and there is no chance to be proven otherwise
  5. BullTime

    This video gives me hope going foward for MBB

    I'm impressed...that's dedication
  6. USF is a contender according to SI...I hope this guy is right; see link https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/four-potential-2018-contenders-we-might-not-see-coming/ar-AAwEKMG?ocid=spartanntp&ffid=gz
  7. BullTime

    Former Bull Cliett to Vikings

    I like the Vikings a little more today
  8. BullTime

    USF Bling Sale

    Only balls left is the breast cancer awareness balls
  9. Not until there is substantial alumni and community support via donations and ticket purchases.
  10. BullTime

    USF Bling Sale

    Has anyone heard if USF will sale their extra gear and equipment like they did last year at the spring game? Great opportunity to get some USF bling at a good price.
  11. BullTime

    Marquel Blackwell Moving on Up

  12. BullTime

    Marquel Blackwell Moving on Up

    Very cool. I wonder how many USF players have gone on to become college coaches?