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  1. BullTime

    Football event tonight

    I too would have been there if I'd known about it.
  2. BullTime

    MBB NET Ranking

    With what this team has gone through, I'd be ecstatic with any post season play.
  3. I love me some chewy chicken.
  4. CCS will fix it...next season (more sarcasm).
  5. RIP. My condolences to his family.
  6. My spectrum CBS TV signal sucks.
  7. Is There Beer? I'm there if Beer is there!
  8. BullTime

    Willie in trouble

    Oh woes me...I make millions per year...it sucks to be me...I'm coach willie
  9. I'm starting to watch more basketball as the team appears to have turned things around.
  10. Be happy to put a wager on the matter...IPF comes before we join the ACC.
  11. I've heard the plan is to break ground in 2019 and be finished for the Fall 2020 season.