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  1. Coach made some good observations about this team exceeding expectations and how this team has developed a stronger resolve to compete. Go Bulls!
  2. Helluva hit. I am surprised that he didn’t get a targeting call
  3. Sounds like Saban is concerned about hitting his attendance bonus
  4. I love reading about how well many of the USF athletes represent our beloved university.
  5. I love reading this kind of coverage of the young men and women representing USF, a pre eminent university
  6. Praying for Gus. My Dad has lived in PG County for more than 4 decades. He has never had an issue
  7. Let’s hope that MBB can achieve a recovery similar to USF football.
  8. I am grateful that CWT left the USF program better than he found it. I root for the Noles when I am not rooting for my Bulls. I wish him well!
  9. Seems like Cincy Coach is a believer in the P6!
  10. I heard on the pre game radio show that Fulwood had a sprained ankle
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